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5.2 Deductions

Certain deductions, required by law or elected by the employee, will be made automatically from the paycheck. These include:

1. Federal and State Taxes

The law requires withholding taxes based on an employee's W-4 statement. The amount withheld will vary according to the earnings and number of exemptions claimed.

2. Social Security & Medicare (FICA) Taxes

In compliance with the Federal Insurance Contribution Act (FICA), the College makes deductions from an employee's pay that, with an equal contribution by the College, are credited to the employee's social security account.

3. Voluntary Withholding

Employees may wish to pay for their insured benefit plans and/or United Way through voluntary withholding. Some insured benefit plans allow employees to withhold funds from their wages before taxes are calculated ("reduction"). Other withholdings may be allowed only after taxes have been calculated ("deduction").