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C.14. Consulting and Outside Employment Policies

External consulting arrangements by faculty members which will enhance the individual's professional competence and/or provide a community service are encouraged, provided such arrangements do not interfere with the primary responsibilities of the individual to the College. The exercise of good judgment of all concerned is essential in determining what the proper balance of outside commitments against the individual's obligations to the College may be in each case. Faculty must gain the assent of the vice president for Academic Affairs and dean of the faculty (VPAA/DoF) or their designate in advance of making contractual arrangements or continuing commitments. The equivalent of four days per month will be considered the permissible maximum commitment for this type of consulting activity.

Appointments to another institution in an adjunct, lecturer, or part-time capacity while the individual carries a full-time faculty appointment at Middlebury must not be undertaken without prior approval of the VPAA/DoF or his or her designate.

These guidelines apply only during the September through May academic session.