COVID-19: Essential Information

Approved Furniture

  1. Ping pong, foosball and pool tables are allowed in designated areas of social houses and some senior houses only.
  2. Tables are never allowed in rooms, suites, or lounges of residence halls. Tables found in unauthorized areas will be considered in violation of fire safety regulations and will be confiscated and disposed of by Middlebury officials, and fines will be assessed.
  3. Lofts and water beds are not permitted in campus residences.
  4. Appliances that have exposed heating elements, such as toasters, hot plates, electric frying pans or grills, and irons without automatic shutoffs may not be used in student rooms. The use of outdoor grills is limited to authorized locations at small houses and must be approved before use. The use of portable fire pits is prohibited. Only small, dorm-sized, Energy Star-rated refrigerators and microwaves are permitted.
  5. Satellite dishes, air conditioners and large appliances are not permitted and may be removed by Facilities Services
  6. Tapping or tampering with the cable television system is prohibited. Those who are responsible may be held liable in a civil action for three times the actual amount of damages sustained thereby in accordance with the Vermont law on tapping cable television. Students living in spaces where cable is permitted in the lounge areas are prohibited from tapping cable to individual rooms.
  7. Students cannot panel, paint or alter walls, ceilings and floors. Students should inform ResLife staff in their Commons if a room needs paint. Students should check with their ResLife Staff before adding drapes and posters to their rooms.
  8. Students found to have altered their rooms without proper approval will be fined. Students will be responsible for any charges associated with removal of unauthorized posters, tapestries, or any kind of installations on College buildings.