Middlebury College Department of Public Safety
ext. 5911 for emergencies (24-hour coverage)

Vermont Emergency Dispatch Center
Call 911 - Vermont State Police

The Middlebury College Department of Public Safety (DPS) encourages you to report suspected crimes and emergencies as promptly and  accurately as possible. In case of emergency at any time, night or day, call the Department of Public Safety at 802.443.5911 or at ext. 5911 from a College phone.  For life threatening emergencies or violent crimes in progress, call 911.

Emergency phones equipped with blue lamps are located in the main student parking lots. Push the red button to call Public Safety directly) :

C Lot (FIC),
D Lot (Atwater Halls A & B),
E Lot (Wright Theatre),
K Lot (Robert A. Jones),
I Lot (Service Building by DKE),
Q lot (Mahaney Center for the Arts),
R Lot (Ridgeline),
S Lot (McCardell Bicentennial Hall),
T Lot (Field House/Kenyon),
Near Sidewalk at Twilight Hall and College Street,

Walkway between FIC and McCardell Bicentennial Hall
Track lot (dirt lot on Porter Field Road, east of Dragone Track),
Kirk Alumni Center Parking Lot.

There are Emergency phones located at the entrances of most residence halls. Push the red button to contact Public Safety.

Calls to 911: To report a crime in progress or other emergency, dial 911. Be prepared to provide the State Police dispatcher with your name, a description of the type of emergency, and the location of the emergency. Dial 911 only in an emergency, which means you are in need of immediate police, fire, or medical response. All 911 calls from campus telephones automatically dial a Vermont State Police emergency dispatcher. Both the State Police and DPS receive immediate information indicating the address from which the call was initiated . While the caller is speaking to the Vermont State Police dispatcher, DPS is dispatching an officer to the location.

If you call 911 from your cell phone, remember to provide your location.   The 911 dispatcher will notify Public Safety of any emergency calls on campus.

If you mistakenly dial 911, please do not hang up, since all calls are "captured." Stay on the line and talk to the dispatcher before you disconnect. In the event of a hang-up, emergency service personnel will attempt to call you back, or if there is no answer, they will send someone to the location from which you called.


All students and College employees need to provide and maintain current emergency contact information in BannerWeb for use in the event of an emergency, crisis, or significant disruption.  Students are also required to provide an evacuation plan in BannerWeb.

For information about the College's emergency response plan, please go to http://www.middlebury.edu/er.


125 South Main Street
Extension 5911 or 802.443.5911: campus emergencies (24 hours)
Extension 5133 or 802.443.5133: non-emergency / business line

The Department of Public Safety (DPS) is responsible for safety and security on campus.

To address the security/emergency needs of Middlebury College, the Department of Public Safety provides uniformed security staff and dispatch operations  24 hours a day / 365 days a year. The Department of Public Safety office is open 24 hours with a phone in the lobby, and officers can respond to provide assistance as necessary.  The business service counter has specific hours of operation during the academic year, summer programs and when the College is closed .  Information about the DPS business services  hours is available at the Public Safety website.

DPS maintains three fully equipped patrol vehicles. Through the use of these vehicles, foot patrol, and seasonal bike patrol, officers maintain continual patrol through the College's buildings and grounds. All officers carry radios and are CPR and First Aid certified. The officers attend workshops and training seminars relevant to campus security and safety. Professionals in the fields of security, law enforcement, and emergency medical response provide these training sessions. Additionally, many staff members at the Department of Public Safety have extensive prior experience in law enforcement, security work, emergency medical response, and/or fire response.

Residential buildings are locked and monitored by electronic means.  These buildings are not open to the public. Additional information about the College’s Enhanced Access System is located at the Public Safety website under MiddCard information.

Complete information on safety and security at Middlebury College is available at the Public Safety website or by request at the Public Safety office.

Middlebury College Weapons Regulations

A weapon as used in this policy means any firearm, explosive, knife (with a blade six inches or longer in length or with blades less than six inches which, by design, can be used as weapons, such as switchblades or double-edged blades) or other object that has been designed with the intent to harm a person or deface property.

Weapons are prohibited on the Middlebury College campus. Replicas of weapons are also prohibited unless they are possessed or stored in accordance to the Storage and Exceptions policies below. Discovery of a weapon in a College building, residence hall, on College grounds, locked in a vehicle on College grounds, or in the possession of a student or employee on campus, or any other violation of the weapons regulations, may result in confiscation of the weapon and disciplinary action against the owner and/or person in possession.


Matriculated students and students enrolled in a Middlebury College program and living on campus are permitted, in accordance with Vermont law, to possess weapons for hunting and related activities, such as target practice.  A handgun is only allowed to be on campus if it is a duty weapon issued or authorized by the student-owner’s employer. All weapons must be registered and stored with the Department of Public Safety. 

Due to their realistic likeness to weapons and potential for causing community alarm, possession or use of toy or replica weapons in a College-sanctioned activity or academic program must be approved in advance by the Department of Public Safety.


Storage is limited to one firearm per person. Permission to store additional weapons may be granted by the Director of Public Safety upon written request. All owners will abide by the firearms storage policy concerning storage time limits and penalties.

  1. Middlebury College firearm permits shall be issued for one academic year or the length of the student’s program. Owners must claim their weapon(s) at the close of the academic term or at any time they move out of campus student housing. Firearm permits may be renewed upon request.
  2. When permits are granted, the make, model, serial number, and caliber of the weapon shall be recorded on the permit and filed with the Department of Public Safety.
  3. A firearm permit may be revoked for any violation of rules governing the possession of firearms.



rev. 8/12/15