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Personnel Records

The Human Resources Office maintains personnel files for all employees of the College. While employees' managers may establish and maintain their own records regarding employees under their supervision, the original copy of any document warranting retention must be forwarded to Human Resources for inclusion in the employee's personnel file.

Policy Statement

Information found in the personnel file should include, but is not limited to: completed application form, employment reference information, other documents generated during the hiring process, benefits enrollment and retirement information, information required to satisfy reporting requirements of professional, federal, state, or local agencies, information regarding changes in compensation or employee status (such as promotions, transfer, demotion, or separations), performance evaluations, disciplinary actions and related documentation, and authorizations for release of information.

Information regarding the medical condition or history of an employee is not to be included in the personnel file or any other personnel record maintained by management, but will be separately maintained in segregated medical files in Human Resources. Documents pertaining to the right to work (I9 forms) and EEO status will be maintained in another segregated file.


Employee: Any current employee may review his/her own official personnel file upon 24-hour notice, in the presence of a member of the Human Resources staff.  This allows the Human Resources staff to audit the file to ensure no other employee's information has been accidentally misfiled.

Current Supervisor or administrator: Upon making an appointment, the direct supervisor and the appropriate administrators of a current employee may have access to the employee's personnel file, including performance evaluations, and disciplinary actions and related documentation. In order to allow Human Resources personnel to remove references to tax and benefit enrollment, 24-hour notice must be given.

Hiring Supervisor: In cases in which a current employee is making application for another position within the College, the hiring supervisor may not have access to the applicant's personnel file. The hiring supervisor may contact Human Resources to request that either the director, associate director, or generalist review the applicant's records to provide pertinent information regarding the applicant's candidacy.

Outside Requests: All outside requests for information contained in personnel records should be referred to Human Resources. The College will not provide reference information without a job-specific completed Release of Information and Waiver of Liability form provided to Human Resources. Middlebury College may provide certain employee information to third parties, such as governmental or law enforcement agencies, as required to satisfy legal requirements.

Integrity of Records

Employees are not permitted to alter or remove any information from their personnel records at any time. An employee may offer a correction, amendment, or rebuttal for addition to his/her records upon written request.

Change in Employee Information

An employee is responsible for notifying Human Resources of any change in personal information, such as change in name, home address, home telephone number, persons to contact in case of an emergency, beneficiaries, dependents, or income tax withholdings.


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