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B.1.m. Tutoring and Academic Support

Among Middlebury College's strengths are the accessibility of faculty and their willingness to help students. All faculty members maintain regular office hours, which are posted on office doors or within department offices.

Whenever students experience difficulty in a course, they are encouraged to first seek help from the respective faculty member. Additional support is also available to help students reach their academic the Center for Teaching, Learning, & Research located in Davis Family Library (extension 3131). CTLR offers the following resources. 

Office of Learning Resources

Beginning the first week of the semester, on weekdays, the professional and student staff of Learning Resources are available to meet with students for individual appointments. They assist students in assessing their academic needs and developing skills to meet these needs. Academic time management skills, class discussion skills, and select study skills including effective note taking, test preparation, and skills for managing academic stress and reducing anxiety that interferes with academic performance are necessities for all students to master. Competency in these skills is directly related to academic success and students fulfilling their academic and personal potential at college. These services are available to all Middlebury students and are free of charge. For additional information, call CTLR or visit the OLR Web site.

Quantitative Support

Quantitative skills and reasoning ability have become an important component of many courses and majors. The director of Quantitative Support is available to assist students in a number of ways, including reviewing prior mathematics knowledge, discussing homework, preparing quantitative reports, and practicing for tests. In addition, trained peer tutors who have experience in quantitative courses and methods can assist students with homework and other quantitative projects.  For additional information, see the Quantitative Skills Support Web site.

Writing Center

The ability to write clearly and effectively is central to a liberal arts education. As part of a program to encourage students' growth as writers during their four years at Middlebury, the Middlebury College Writing Center offers free professional and peer tutoring to student writers, including those for whom English is a second language, at any stage of any writing project, from organizing the work schedule, to brainstorming ideas, to talking through a draft, to revising and polishing rough drafts. Peer writing tutors are also trained to give tips and practical suggestions to assist students with oral presentations. This tutoring is available at the Center for Teaching, Learning, and Research on the main floor of the Davis Family Library, Suite 225 Sunday through Thursday evenings and some evenings in the Anderson Freeman Center and other locations around campus. Most first-year seminars and many college writing classes have dedicated peer writing tutors attached.  For more information visit the Multilingual/ESL Support and the Writing Center Web sites.

Peer Tutors

Peer Content Tutors, approved by departmental faculty, are also available to provide supplementary assistance for many entry-level courses and all levels for foreign languages. The STEM peer tutors provide drop-in tutoring and study sessions for students in introductory math, science, and social science classes. In addition, individual STEM peer tutoring may be available for some subjects not covered by drop-in sessions, or when recommended by the faculty in a specific course. For additional information, see the Center for Teaching, Learning, and Research Web site.

Peer Tutoring in Foreign Languages

Tutoring for students taking foreign language courses is available through the CTLR. Professor approved and trained tutors assist students in grammar, sentence structure and pronunciation. For more information visit the Foreign Language Tutors Web site.

Professional tutors in writing, quantitative skills, and learning skills are available by appointment during daytime hours, weekdays.  Make an appointment with a CTLR professional on-line (go/appt) or by contacting the CTLR.

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