If you are editing the Offices and Services website, please see the documentation about adding content to groups.

The “Content” interface is where the work of creating and managing content in Drupal happens. Unlike previous versions of our website, it is not necessary to navigate to the location on the site where you want to add content. Instead, click the “Content” tab in the admin bar at the top of your screen when logged in on any page.

A screenshot of Drupal's administration interface for adding content.

Click the blue ”+ Add Content” button towards the top of the page. The next screen will present you will a list of available content types.

A screenshot of the Drupal editing interface screen where the editor selects which cotent type to use.

Select the content type that you want to work with and this will take you to the main editing page for this content type. See our documentation on specific content types for more information about what options are available to editors in each.