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Build Your Future Here!

Employees at Middlebury have opportunities to excel, both personally and professionally. We offer competitive wages; generous health, dental, life, and disability insurance; a retirement plan; training and educational assistance; and quality-of-life enhancements like concerts, lectures, shows, and community events.

We invest in people at Middlebury. Together we create an environment where the pursuit of knowledge is universally valued. So whether you are already part of the Middlebury community or considering joining us, build your future here!

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Required Department of Labor Notifications

The Department of Labor requires that employers provide notice regarding its intention to hire employees in a certain non-immigrant status and/or to file applications for permanent alien labor certification for certain positions.


  • Intent to Hire H-1B/E-3 Employees MIDD (PDF)
    1. Listing posted 5.26.2020
    2. Listing posted 6.02.2020
    3. Listing posted 6.02.2020
    4. Listing posted 6.02.2020
    5. Listing posted 6.02.2020
    6. Listing posted 6.02.2020
    7. Listing posted 6.02.2020
    8. Listing posted 6.02.2020
    9. Listing posted 6.02.2020
    10. Listing posted 6.02.2020
    11. Listing posted 6.09.2020
    12. Listing posted 6.09.2020
  • Intent to Hire H-1B/E-3 Employees MIIS (PDF)
    1. Listing Posted 5.26.2020

  • Intent to File an Application for Permanent Alien Labor Certification (PDF)
    No Current Listings

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