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Be bold, be brave, be intelligent and inquisitive.
Be a global thinker and a local activist, ready to speak up and speak out. 

At Middlebury, you’ll be immersed in your education and your community. You’ll dig deeply into your major and broadly across the liberal arts and sciences. You’ll learn with opportunities for real experience, research, and internships, and with collaboration and independent thought. You’ll live alongside students from all walks of life, and in a community that is serious about confronting inequality and injustice through critical thinking and compassionate doing. 

And when you graduate, you’ll have the essential life skills and support to pursue the future you want.

Students walking between classes in Bi Hall.

Our Students

In Their Words

Students have many reasons for choosing Middlebury. Once they get here, they discover things about themselves and the place that help shape who they are—and who they want to be.

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After Middlebury

Some students choose careers in a range of fields at both established and emerging companies and organizations. Others continue their education in the health professions, law, and master’s and PhD programs.

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Intellect is not wisdom. Middlebury will challenge you to take the next step, which is to understand the role of that knowledge in the world, how it has shaped human hearts and minds over centuries, and how it continues to do so.

— President Laurie L. Patton

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