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Santana Audet

Associate Director of Admissions and Diversity, Access, and Inclusion Initiatives

Areas: CA (southern), IN, MI, OH

Karen Bartlett

Associate Director of International Admissions

Areas: Latin America, the Caribbean, Central America, South America, Sub-Saharan Africa, Europe and Eastern Asia (excluding Mongolia)

Nicole Curvin

Vice President of Strategic Enrollment | Dean of Admissions

Dan Davis

Admissions Counselor

Areas: IA, KS, NE, NJ, NY (Long Island & Westchester County), ND, SD

Kristina Duggan

Assistant Director of Admissions

Areas: AZ, CO, IL, NV, NM, UT, WI, WY

Cal Hartman

Admissions Counselor

Areas: AL, AR, GA, KY, LA, MS, MO, NC, OK, SC, TN, TX, WV

Glenn Hartman-Mattson

Associate Director of Admissions

Areas: AK, CA (northern), ID, MN, MT, OR, WA

Carly Hernandez

Associate Director of Admissions

Areas: Central Asia, Middle East and North Africa, Western Asia, Southeast Asia, Oceania, Mongolia

Michelle Nelson

Associate Director of Admissions

Areas: DE, DC, FL, MD, VA, Canada

Shannon Palmer

Senior Assistant Director of Admissions

Areas: HI, MA (East of Worcester)

Sam Prouty

Executive Director of Admissions

Areas: CT, PA, VT and transfer applicants

Agnes Roche

Admissions Counselor

Areas: NY (New York City), RI

Summer Interns

Yuvraj Shah '26

Hometown: Nairobi, Kenya & London, United Kingdom
Major: English Literature and History

Miranda Talavera Béjar '27

Hometown: Tepic, Mexico
Major: International and Global Studies: Migration and Diaspora Studies track 

Chimmy Uduanu '27

Hometown: Lagos, Nigeria
Major: Economics

Kira Waldman '27

Hometown: Harrisburg, South Dakota
Major: Political Science Chinese Joint Major

Senior Fellows

Clara Sandberg '24.5

Hometown: Falmouth, Maine
Major: Molecular Biology and Biochemistry (MBBC)

Gage Schrier '24.5

Hometown: San Francisco, CA.
Major: Political Science

Luna Simone-Gonzalez '24.5

Hometown: New York City, New York
Major: Biology

Access Interns

Noemi Ponce, '26

Hometown: Chicago, Illinois
Major: International and Global Studies with a focus on Latin American Studies, and Studio Art

Student Ambassadors

Rani Basnet, '26

Hometown: Queens, New York
Major: Intending Neuroscience, Pre-Medicine Track

Cindy Castillo, ‘27

Hometown: Los Angeles, California 
Major: Computer Science

Josie Chun, '26

Hometown: Atlanta, Georgia
Major: Environmental Policy and Economics

Brian Conde-Martinez, '25

Hometown: Mount Vernon, Washington
Major: International Politics & Economics

Menen Ebrahim, ‘26

Hometown: Alexandria, Virginia 
Major: Psychology

Artrianna Freeman, '25.5

Hometown: Memphis, Tennessee
Major: International Global Studies 

Lily Oudommahavanh, ‘26

Hometown: Los Angeles, California
Major: Computer Science and Japanese Studies

Makayla Reed, ‘26

Hometown: Middletown, Delaware
Major: International Politics & Economics

International Student Ambassadors

Jigyasha Thakur, '26

Hometown: Kathmandu, Nepal
Major: Economics 


Kim Balparda

Operations Associate

Charlene Bryant

Assistant to the Dean of Admissions

Kim Cook

Admissions Technology Specialist

Julie Gramling

Special Programs Coordinator

Cynthia Hatch

Admissions Office Manager

John Nordmeyer

Director of Admissions Information Systems

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