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Middlebury meets the full calculated financial need of all admitted students.

Middlebury’s admissions decisions are need-blind for domestic students, including DACA and undocumented students, and we meet 100% of calculated financial need for all of our admitted students. We are one of only a few dozen undergraduate institutions to do this! We provide grant aid to approximately half of the student body. Student Financial Services values the opportunity to partner with prospective and current students and families to finance your Middlebury education. 

100% need-based aid
100% calculated need met
51% students receiving aid
$79360 max awarded in grants
$60000 average grant

Tuition and Fees, 2023-2024

Tuition $64,800
On-Campus Housing and Meal Plan $18,600
Student Activity Fee  $480

Other Expenses

Estimate $1,000 in expenses for textbooks and supplies for the academic year. Your actual costs may differ depending on the courses you take and the availability of used books.
Estimate $1,000 in expenses for personal items, entertainment, and clothing for the academic year. It is a conservative estimate, which will require careful budgeting on your part. Most students choose to use the income from their campus jobs to provide these funds.
Health Insurance
Students are required to have health insurance. You can purchase coverage through Middlebury College, or provide proof of your own. Please see Student Financial Services for details about student health insurance.

Financial Aid Application Deadlines

We recommend you apply for aid at the same time you apply for admission. Be sure to leave plenty of time for completing the aid application process.

Application Deadline
Early Decision I November 15
Early Decision II January 3
Regular Decision February 1
Transfer Fall March 1
Transfer Spring November 1
Apply for Financial Aid

Financial Aid

Middlebury provides grant aid to about half of the student body. For the Class of 2026, the average grant was $56,765.

We are committed to making Middlebury College affordable for all admitted students and will meet 100% of your family’s calculated financial need.

To apply, visit Student Financial Services. If your family’s financial situation does not change, we are committed to providing you a similar package each year you attend Middlebury. You must apply by the deadlines below.

Student Loans

We limit the undergraduate loan expectation based on a family’s total income (with loans ranging from $7,000-$19,000 over 4 years). Awarded loan amounts increase slightly each year. The average federal loan debt, upon graduation, for the Class of 2022 was $13,112.

Federal Work Study

A work study job may be included as part of your financial aid package. Work study jobs average about 8 -10 hours per week.

Quick Cost Estimator

This free and secure tool will give you a general overview of what your financial aid and family contribution might be in just six questions.

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