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Your education. Middlebury’s commitment to affordability. 

Middlebury’s financial aid program is one of the most generous in the U.S. We are committed to using our resources to increase access to the full Middlebury experience through need-based financial aid. 

Our Office of Student Financial Services has specific details about kinds of aid, how to apply, how to estimate cost, and financial tools and resources.

100% need-based aid
100% calculated need met
51% students receiving aid
$79360 max awarded in grants
$56765 average grant

What Middlebury’s financial aid commitment means for you

  • Your financial need is not part of our admission decision process. We’re a “need-blind” institution. This means, if you’re a U.S. student, no matter your citizenship status, we don’t consider your financial aid application in our admissions review.
  • If you’re admitted to Middlebury, we will meet 100 percent of your full financial need. We calculate your need using information about your family’s income and assets that you provide when you apply for financial aid. You apply for aid at the same time you apply for admission.  
  • Your financial aid is based on your need. All of Middlebury’s financial aid is need based. We don’t offer merit aid, including academic or athletic scholarships.
  • Almost all our financial aid is given in institutional grants and scholarships. Grants and scholarship aid do not have to be paid back. You may also have a work component and a small amount of loans in your financial aid package; your loan amount will be limited based on your family’s income. 
  • Middlebury is a QuestBridge and Posse partner. In 2023, QuestBridge students began enrolling at Middlebury. QuestBridge connects high-achieving, low-income students to elite higher education institutions; early-decision QuestBridge students are awarded full scholarships. Middlebury started their partnership with the Posse Foundation in 1999. Each class at Midd includes a Posse from New York, Chicago, and Los Angeles. All Posse scholars receive full scholarships.


Applying for Aid Affording Middlebury

Applying for Financial Aid 

When you apply for admission to Middlebury, you should also apply for financial aid at the same time. 

Be sure you complete your financial aid application by the corresponding deadline in order to be eligible for the maximum possible support. 

Financial Aid Application Deadlines

Application Deadline
Early Decision I November 15 (CSS Profile), April 1 (FAFSA)*
Early Decision II January 3 (CSS Profile), April 1 (FAFSA)*
Regular Decision February 1 (CSS Profile), April 1 (FAFSA)*
Transfer Fall March 1 (CSS Profile), April 1 (FAFSA)*
Transfer Spring November 1 (CSS Profile), April 1 (FAFSA)*

*Due to the late release of the new 2024-2025 FAFSA, Middlebury is not requiring the FAFSA until April 1, 2024. Financial Aid Offers will include estimates of federal aid eligibility, based on the information you provided on the CSS Profile. Check with other schools you may be applying to and your state grant provider, as their FAFSA deadlines may be earlier. 

Quick Cost Estimator

This free and secure tool will give you a general overview of what your financial aid and family contribution might be in just six questions.

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