If you want to feed your curiosity, make your own future, and prepare to grapple with the complex forces shaping ourselves and our world, you’ll be right at home at Middlebury.

Middlebury students are active and engaged on campus, in Vermont, and around the globe, forming a strong, diverse, and supportive community for living and learning.

In Their Words

  • Guiding Forces: To learn and try new things. Students here really want to learn. We take courses that interest us and are not restricted only to our majors but are instead encouraged to take classes across different disciplines.

    Mauricio Moreno, Class of 2022

    Los Angeles, CA

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  • Major: I’m planning to be a sociology major with a minor in education studies while completing the Privilege and Poverty Academic Cluster.

    Maya Gee, class of 2022

    Waikoloa, HI

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  • Off Campus: I like apple-picking in the fall, the occasional hike, day trips to Burlington, and going to Lake Dunmore and other swimming areas when the weather’s nice.

    Dani Skor, class of 2020

    St. Louis, MO

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  • What Surprised Me: How easy it is to make friends. Joining clubs and meeting students with similar interests was much easier than I was anticipating. Even in my orientation process I learned that many people around me were interested and willing to strike up conversations and become friends. Even as a senior, I manage to meet new people and build new friendships all the time.

    Sean Fallon, class of 2020.5

    Deerfield, NH

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