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With innovative ideas from the campus community, a supportive administration, and the oldest undergraduate environmental studies program in the country, Middlebury provides an inspired and energetic atmosphere in which to explore real-world problems.

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2014 Energy use (for heating/cooling)

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Middlebury is the first higher education institute of significant size to be on track to meet its goal of carbon neutrality by 2016, and that reduction is largely due to the completion of the biomass gasification facility in 2009.

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Featured Stories

Featured Stories

The Power of Biomass

For more than a decade, carbon reduction has been a community-driven initiative. Middlebury is the first higher education institute of significant size to be on track to be carbon neutral in 2016.

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Organic Farming

Middlebury’s Organic Farm promotes awareness of issues surrounding food production and provides endless opportunities for instruction and hands-on learning.

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Sustainable Design

Walk across campus. Duck into a favorite building. And take a closer look. You’ll find energy efficient design, reused materials, and sustainably harvested wood all over Middlebury.

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Middlebury Signs White House Climate Pledge

Ahead of the Conference on Climate Change, Middlebury joined more than 200 colleges and universities in a pledge to demonstrate support for strong international climate action.

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Honoring the Natural Value of our Forests

A century has passed since Middlebury philanthropist Joseph Battell bequeathed some 35,000 acres of mostly forested land to Middlebury College upon his death in 1915. 

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Green Panthers Take Perfect Sort Challenge on the Road

The Green Panther Challenge, a new effort to engage student athletes and their fans on sustainability issues, is hitting the road this weekend as Field Hockey, Cross Country and Football all head off campus.

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Recent Graduate Is Both Scientist and Entrepreneur

Bobby Levine '08 has stayed true to his passion of finding solutions to the harmful effects of climate change.

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Dec 02

Live from Paris with Bill McKibben

Join Bill McKibben, Schumann Distinguished Scholar, for an update from COP21 - 2015 United Nations Climate Change Conference. Bill will be reporting live from Paris, to both Middlebury and Colby, providing a great opportunity to learn and ask questions about the unfolding climate talks.  Sponsored by Franklin Environmental Center at Hillcrest.

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Dec 02

Debunking Organic: What's in your granola bar and how did it get there?

A talk by Jean Richardson, Chair of the National Organic Standards Board, Organic Inspector, and professor emerita at UVM. Dr. Richardson will discuss the true meaning of the organic label and how it is regulated, using your friendly organic granola bar as a case study. Sponsored by Middlebury College Organic Farm.

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Dec 07

Environmental Council Grants Info Session 1

The Environmental Council will host 2 identical info sessions (no need to come to both!) about the grants and application process in the Orchard Room, Franklin Environmental Center.

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