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Achieving Carbon Neutrality

Middlebury successfully reached its 2016 carbon neutrality goal, attaining a net zero carbon footprint by balancing the carbon emissions it releases with an equivalent amount sequestered or offset.

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A Decade of Commitment

From a student initiative in 2007 to years of hard work by the entire campus community, Middlebury’s carbon neutrality efforts are something we can all feel proud of. Watch the story behind the success.

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The Power of Biomass

For more than a decade, carbon reduction has been a community-driven initiative. Middlebury is the first higher education institute of significant size to meet its goal to be carbon neutral in 2016.

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President Patton Asserts All Campuses Should Tackle Climate Change

Patton discusses—in an opinion piece in Inside Higher Ed—how consensus and governance structures played important roles in the creation of Middlebury’s Energy2028 plan.

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Every Campus Should Address Climate Risk

Inside Higher Ed, Laurie Patton

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Middlebury Joins “Call to Action for Accelerating Equitable and Just Climate Solutions”

President Laurie Patton is a signatory on the statement written by higher education leaders calling for unprecedented action to avoid the worst impacts of climate change.

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Makerspace Offers Place for Students, Classes to Create, Try New Ideas

Faculty incorporate the new space into their curriculums and Sustainability Solutions Lab interns hold their first repair cafe.

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