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What makes Middlebury different?

With our support, you’ll experience total immersion in the language and culture of your country. You’ll have an authentic learning experience at a local academic institution. You’ll have the guided independence to engage with your community, take on an internship, and make personal discoveries that you’ll always remember.


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In Their Own Words

In addition to taking all of the photos on the site, students take personal videos of their everyday experiences. Through the Middlebury C. V. Starr Schools Abroad, you have the support and confidence to learn the language by living the culture.

Asa Waterworth

Yaoundé, Cameroon

My name is Asa Waterworth and I studied abroad in Yaoundé, Cameroon. People on the streets all the time, taxis honking all the time, people selling everything on the streets all the time, like even at 3:00 in the morning there are people out. The way that people always describe places as like different smells, different colors, lots of noises, it was very much that everywhere in the city. So being in a loud, noisy city full of taxis, living as a member of the minority, it was all around very different.

Every single day I would eat traditional Cameroonian dishes and street food is a really really big part of the culture and the cuisine in Yaoundé. We’d always walk down to the Muslim quarter which is right next to the center and they’re really known for making kind of skewers of meat and so we’d always be talking to people down there, talking to the women that make beignets, little fried dough balls, on the corner. We made friends with the guy that makes omelettes on the other corner. Kind of everywhere we went, we were buying food, we were talking to people, and I really liked that because we actually became friends and became close.

It was really interesting to know that you’re completely getting to know these people that you didn’t know before in French, which is not your language, it’s not their language. So there were a lot of times during the program where I looked around and realized we’re all talking in French and we’re all telling these stories and learning so much about each other and it’s not in English.

Every day in a taxi would be an opportunity to just have a conversation about anything with anybody and our host families talking about things and listening to the French news, just always opportunity to be learning and improving your French. I absolutely think that four months in Yaoundé improved my language skills.

Naing Thant Phyo and Tania Flores

Delhi, India

My name is Naing

I’m Tania

and I studied abroad in Delhi, India.

and I studied abroad in New Delhi, India.

The first thing I noticed in Delhi was how dynamic everything is.

Organized chaos. It’s this place of a lot of contradictions. Nothing makes sense but it all works so perfectly.

The traffic is chaotic but there’s a way to that chaos.

It’s such a crowded city and there’s so many people but everyone is so aware of one another. I really miss just interacting with a lot of the fruit vendors and just having conversations with them. Everyone acts like they’ve known each other forever and it’s so refreshing and so nice.

When I was traveling to the northeastern part of India to Darjeeling, everything is different. It’s different from Delhi, from any other part of India. I really appreciated my experience there because, you know, that kind of diversity I think is very hard to come by.

I don’t think anything will ever surprise me or jar me. The growth, the things that I learned, all the different moments, big and small really helped me get to where I am now and I don’t think that would have happened had I not gone abroad. Someone said to me once that going to India prepares you to go to the rest of the world and I found that to be incredibly true.

Lillypads in a pond in Oxford England

Summer Programs

Middlebury offers several opportunities for students to take field-based and experiential learning course that might otherwise be difficult to accommodate during the regular academic year. These programs do not have a language element and are taught entirely in English. 

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Museum Studies in Oxford

Spend five weeks in the heart of Oxford, England with access to renowned museum collections. Gain unparalleled insight into the structure, management, and activities of museums, as well as the British approach to historical preservation.  

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School of the Environment

This six-week environmental studies program is based in Yunnan Province, China, with dual sites in Kunming and Dali. Take courses in a specially designed immersive curriculum that integrates core work, electives, leadership training, and field experiences.

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Performing Arts & Community Engagement

This four-week course in Uganda (currently for Middlebury College students only) will allow students to immerse themselves in a community of musical instrument makers, exploring the use of the performing arts as a means to effect positive change.

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Health and Safety

It is our experience that our host cities are no more dangerous than large cities in the U.S. We provide support and access to health and safety resources prior to departure, while abroad, and upon return.

Our dedicated on-site staff are locally connected, abreast of the latest news, and prepared with contingency plans in the event of an emergency. Middlebury also partners with Global Rescue for medical and security advisories as well as evacuation services for all students.

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Identity and Inclusion Abroad

Students who study abroad are as diverse as the destinations and languages they choose. No matter who you are or how you identify, we have the resources and support to make your experience the best it can be.

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