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What makes Middlebury different?

With our support, you'll experience total immersion in the language and culture of your country. You'll have an authentic learning experience at a local academic institution. You'll have the guided independence to engage with your community, take on an internship, and make personal discoveries that you'll always remember.


In Their Own Words

In addition to taking all of the photos on the site, students take personal videos of their everyday experiences. Through the Middlebury C. V. Starr Schools Abroad, you have the support and confidence to learn the language by living the culture.

Lily Fang

Bordeaux, France

I really liked Bordeaux as a city because it was big enough that there were always things to do. It's very beautiful. You walk around and there are these grand archways. Sometimes you feel like you're sort of in a movie, almost. Even though I was there for four months, I felt like I knew the city and it was my home, but I still felt like there were a lot of things that I still could have done.

I liked how expansive being abroad feels, because when you're abroad there's no pre-established routine. You have a lot of freedom to do what you want, and sort of be who you want as well. You're not sort of stuck in the mold that you've created for yourself at your normal college campus.

In Bordeaux, I was living with a host family. In terms of language immersion, I think it really is the best way to pick up the mannerisms and the vocabulary of just a French person. You think that after so many years of learning French, that you would be able to express yourself very coherently as soon as you get there, but it's just a very different ballgame.

Just know that it's gonna take a lot of effort. It's not gonna be just, you're gonna plop down in France and all of a sudden you're gonna have impeccable accent after four months. It's gonna take a lot of practice, a lot of making a lot of mistakes and everything.

Study abroad is really important, because you have this little bubble of a world, and you think that's all there is to it. You go to the dining hall, everything's already prepared, and you go to class and your life is just very regimented. But as soon as you go abroad, I think you realize, no, no there's a lot of things about your culture that are very different from other cultures.

It gives you a wider perspective of everything. Because you meet people that you wouldn't have met otherwise, and who have completely different ways of life.

Jenne Menenes Montiel

Tokyo, Japan

My name is Jen Menisis Montiel, and I studied abroad in Tokyo, Japan. Week one, day one, in Japan, my friends and I were already out and about, and exploring. It's really interesting. Riding trains in Tokyo is a really fun experience. There was a way you could go from Shinjuku, to Harajuku, to Shibuya.

These are places that I had heard about but to like go there, live there, and become familiar with these places was super nice, and I mean I really appreciate having had that opportunity. Like being able to say that Japan was my home for a year, and these were like some of the places that I went to.

I was studying in ICU, International Christian University. Living in a dorm and having three Japanese roommates was really helpful. If I had a question on homework, or just general grammar. If I had heard something during the day that I didn't understand, I could just walk out and be like, hello, what does this mean?

I was the most fluent student, and still am not. But knowing that I was able to survive, and not just survive but thrive, was awesome.

There's so much that you learn only by experience and I think that would be the most important part. Is do you want to keep hearing about these things, or do you wanna be living them?

Do you want people to tell you this is good or this is bad, or do you wanna to be there to determine that for yourself? Think about that. Being abroad gave me the opportunity to reevaluate the things that matter in my life. And looking back I'm like well, l learned a lot especially from being in a culture that's so vastly different from the United States.

And so I think If you want new perceptive on like the way the different countries function, there is no better way to do that than by studying abroad.

Summer Programs

Lillypads in a pond in Oxford England

Middlebury offers several opportunities for students to take field-based and experiential learning course that might otherwise be difficult to accommodate during the regular academic year. These programs do not have a language element and are taught entirely in English. 

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Museum Studies in Oxford

Spend five weeks in the heart of Oxford, England with access to renowned museum collections. Gain unparalleled insight into the structure, management, and activities of museums, as well as the British approach to historical preservation.  

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School of the Environment

This six-week environmental studies program is based in Yunnan Province, China, with dual sites in Kunming and Dali. Take courses in a specially designed immersive curriculum that integrates core work, electives, leadership training, and field experiences.

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Health and Safety

It is our experience that our host cities are no more dangerous that large cities in the U.S. We provide support and access to health and safety resources prior to departure, while abroad, and upon return.

Our dedicated on-site staff and locally connected, abreast of the latest news, and prepared with contingency plans in the event of an emergency. Middlebury also partners with Global Rescue for medical and security advisories as well as evacuation services for all students.

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Students looking at a mural

Identity and Inclusion Abroad

Students who study abroad are as diverse as the destinations and languages they choose. No matter who you are or how you identify, we have the resources and support to make your experience the best it can be.

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