For speakers of French, Middlebury Schools Abroad has locations in France and Cameroon.


The School in Cameroon, based in Yaoundé, affords students true cultural immersion alongside rigorous academic study.

As its economic and political capital, Yaoundé is an ideal place for immersion into Francophone African life. Based at the Université catholique d’Afrique centrale, with all classes conducted entirely in French, students on this study abroad program will be able to take courses at the Middlebury College Center and alongside their Cameroonian peers at the university in several disciplines in the humanities and social sciences.


Designed for students at an advanced level of French, the School in France provides opportunities to experience French culture in Bordeaux, Paris, or Poitiers.

At all sites, whether in a university course alongside local students, or at the Centre Madeleine, courses are conducted solely in French. Students adhere to the Middlebury Language Pledge® while studying abroad, showing a commitment to linguistic and cultural immersion.