Travel and study in a foreign country can be very strenuous. It is important that you take action immediately when an illness or injury occurs.

Illness or Injury

In the event of an illness or injury, contact one of the staff members at your School Abroad and they can best help you decide on a course of action.

Although medical care is readily available, the standard treatment for many types of illness often includes hospitalization for approximately one week. If the condition is such that it can be controlled with proper medication brought from home, it may be possible to avoid such hospitalization. Doctors abroad may not have the same guidelines regarding doctor/patient confidentiality as they do in the U.S.

An updated list of doctors, counselors, and private clinics—including bilingual doctors—is available at the School Abroad office in your host country or on the GeoBlue International Health Insurance website. You can also download the GeoBlue® mobile app to find local doctors or determine a medication’s availability in-country.

The treatment of students by any medical service suggested by our staff abroad does not imply responsibility on Middlebury’s part for how treatment is rendered.


In addition to in-person medical care, our insurance provider offers TeleMD, affording students quick access to a doctor for guidance and consultations.


Below are some general health resources for international travel: