Middlebury has an agreement with Global Rescue for medical and security advisory and evacuation services for all students enrolled in the Schools Abroad.

Global Rescue assists travelers affected by medical and security emergencies while studying, working, or traveling abroad. They are available to consult and ensure appropriate medical treatment or safety measures are being taken.

Travelers in need of either of these services can contact Global Rescue at (617) 459-4200 and identify themselves as a Middlebury traveler.

Global Rescue Destination Reports

Our partnership with Global Rescue also provides travelers with access to an intelligence platform (GRID) that ensures that you are well informed and prepared before and during your travels. This allows you access to Destination Reports that outline medical and security risks in your host country and other countries you may visit. Through GRID, you are also able to view alert notifications for events that are happening around the world. In addition, while abroad, you will automatically receive health, safety, and security reports based on your destination, along with expert analysis and advice.

Before a program begins, students will receive user log-in information and instructions directly from Global Rescue in order to access this resource. This email is not junk; please save it. If you have access to a smartphone/mobile device while abroad, we strongly recommend that you also download the Global Rescue GRID application which is available at the Apple Store (iOS 5 and above), Google Play (Android 4.4 and above), and BlackBerry App World (10.2 and above).

Through this application, you will be able to reach out directly to Global Rescue in an emergency situation via its in-app emergency call button as well as run Destination Reports, view event alerts, and “Check-In” if there is a crisis (or even a sketchy situation) in your host country, and you want to notify key staff members of your whereabouts. This “check-in” feature should not be used if you are in a real emergency situation, and need immediate assistance, unless you’re asked to do this by your resident staff. In cases of emergency, please contact your resident staff or contacts that they will give you during orientation, and if that fails, then Global Rescue.

Global Rescue Medical Advisory

Global Rescue will arrange for the provision of health information services through their operations team and Johns Hopkins Medicine to include medical advice, case monitoring, hospital and clinic referrals, and evacuation services. This consultation service comes at no cost to the traveler though any costs associated with treatment, transportation, or evacuation will be the traveler’s responsibility.

Global Rescue Security Advisory

In the event of a program evacuation, Middlebury College has contracted for evacuation services to extract students as safely and efficiently as we can. All students are expected to participate in the group evacuation. Our in-country staff and resources will not be available to any student who elects to remain behind. Any accommodations made for students after an evacuation (financial, educational, etc.) will only be available to students who participate in the evacuation.