Two students standing by a map.

The Middlebury Schools Abroad are proud to support the work of the Kathryn Wasserman Davis Collaborative in Conflict Transformation and share the opportunities available to students.

You can read more about the overarching initiative or listen to a Vermont Public radio interview with President Laurie L. Patton.

The Schools Abroad are working to further the goals of Global Literacy within the Middlebury community and beyond. We have multiple projects related to and funded through this initiative with international staff and partners continuing to develop more opportunities. 

Middlebury has 58 university partners in 33 sites around the world where undergraduates from Middlebury and other US colleges and universities study, as well as graduate students in some of our locations.  Many of our programs are fully embedded within the curriculum and students study in the host country language. Those who learn in these schools become cultural ambassadors —linguistically trained, extremely sensitive to cultural mores, and highly effective as global citizens. That means they have the potential to be conflict transformers.

Through research and instruction, these projects will provide its participants with an understanding of the root causes and social structures that lead to conflict, and the skills to reshape the dynamics behind it to strengthen civic society. Students at all levels have an obligation to become literate in international systems and skilled at transforming conflict by crossing intellectual, cultural, and geographical borders.

Current Projects


Internships in the fields of international relations and poverty issues. A Fall 2022 orientation excursion to Mendoza focused on water conservation and seed sovereignty. Students will learn about pollution of the Riachuelo River and resulting environmental, economic, social, and humanitarian problems. All students will take a course called Conflict in Urban Affairs and in Sustainable Development. 


In the Spring of 2023, five Rohatyn Global Scholars from Middlebury College traveled to Brazil as part of an exchange program to explore themes of climate change, education, race, social and economic inequalities, sustainability, and conservation through experiential learning and community engagement.


Independent study with Dr. Éric Fofack. Working on a research team studying the complexities of gender, peace and security. Funding supports the research project and provides a student stipend.


Course offerings titled Taking to the Streets: Revolts and Social Movements in France and The EU, an Unprecedented Experiment in the Socialization of Conflicts.


Internship to continue the work of the Tenryumura Village project and the 2022 pilot workshop titled History in Translation. Funding provided a stipend for a MIIS International Education Management graduate student to pursue this internship.


Course offering titled Reshaping Perspectives: Conflict Transformation in the Palestinian-Israeli Context.


Funded research assistantship at the Mohammed V University Research Lab with Dr. Hassan Belhiah, working on projects focusing on language activism, linguistic and minority rights, and language and social justice.

United Kingdom

Symposium with Lord John Alderdice. As Leader of the Alliance Party of Northern Ireland, he was significantly involved in the Irish Peace Process and played an important role in negotiating the Belfast/Good Friday Agreement of 1998. 


In the Fall of 2022, students worked with Redalco, a small NGO focusing on social injustice and unequal distribution of food. All students will take a course called Conflict in Urban Affairs and in Sustainable Development.