First-generation students are often not only the first in their families to attend college, but the first to travel abroad as well.

While the prospect of incorporating another big “first” into the college experience can seem daunting, there are many rewards to be reaped from taking on the challenge of studying abroad.

We are happy to help you get the process started. You can also reach out to the staff at The First-Gen Experience for additional information and advice.

Watch Now! First-Gen Study Abroad/Away Information Session

Join us for a pre-recorded information session for First-Gen students interested in study abroad and study away options at Middlebury.  To view the information session, click here.

Students may also find this Study Abroad/Away On-Campus Resource Checklist helpful as they begin thinking about their study abroad or study away plans. 

Original post date: October 6, 2023

Things to Consider Before Going Abroad

Adapted from Northwestern University’s “Identity Abroad: First Generation

  • What are my motivations for studying abroad? What goals do I have?
  • How will my study abroad experience fit into my academic plan?
  • How will I use my study abroad experience in the future (personally, academically, or professionally)?
  • How will I explain the process and my interest in studying abroad to my family and friends?
  • How will I make studying abroad affordable? What additional funding sources are available that I can look into?

Things to Consider While Abroad

Adapted from Northwestern University’s “Identity Abroad: First Generation

  • How will I keep in touch with my friends and family while I’m abroad?
  • How will I share my experience with my friends and family once I am home?
  • How will I incorporate my experience into my academic and career goals once I am home?
  • Have my academic or career goals changed as a result of my experience?
  • Will I want to get involved in different clubs, groups, or activities once I am back on my home campus as a result of my experience?
  • Has this time abroad motivated me to pursue other international experiences in the future?
  • How can I learn about other opportunities to go abroad again?

Highlighted Resources

Additional Resources

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