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Dear students and friends of the School in Germany -

unfortunately, the continuation of the corona-crisis made it necessary to close our sites and the program for Fall 2020-21.
But while we’re busy preparing for a covid-19 compatible study abroad experience hopefully beginning with Spring 2021, we’re still determined to find ways of coming together and support each other in our dedication to learning, studying, and hopefully even laughing in German.

Check out our Books, Movies and More Selections and don’t miss our offerings for Spaß auf Deutschmake a point of spending time in language even though you cannot be in Germany. If you’d like to participate, send an an email to the group(s) of your choice:

Jonglieren mit Juliane (Learn to and / or Juggle with Juliane)

Lieblingsrezepte zum Nachkochen fun-kochenaufdeutsch-cookingrecipesgerman@middleburycollege.onmicrosoft…

Origami auf Deutsch

Zentaengeln auf Deutsch

Fotografieren auf Deutsch

Feel free to join our blogs and/or our virtual meetings at your convenience - we’re looking forward to meet you either way!

Other interests? Let me know!

Be safe, keep up your German and your spirits, protect yourself and your loved ones, and make sure to be in touch!

Alles Gute aus Deutschland -

Heike Fahrenberg,

Associate Professor and Director

Just having celebrated its 60th Anniversary with Johannes Gutenberg University Mainz in May 2019, the Middlebury School in Germany provides both undergraduate and graduate students with the opportunity to live, study, and socialize with Germans and immerse themselves completely in the local culture.

This program is for students with a well-developed proficiency in German (B1 - C1) who can adhere to the Middlebury Language Pledge® while abroad. The Pledge shows a commitment to linguistic immersion and is the key to students’ successful language development and cultural integration. Middlebury undergraduate applicants will have completed six semesters of college-level German or the equivalent before attending the program. Students from other institutions who have completed a minimum of four semesters may be admitted after an assessment by the program director. Graduates must have completed their stay at Middlebury’s Summer School of German before coming abroad.

Upon arrival, all students are supported by Babel-Guides for help with the bureaucratic steps included in city registration and university enrollment. During the orientation period, students become familiar with the academic system, their host university, and the city they live in. Throughout the semester, the program supports students with supplementing their academic, cultural and language immersion through co-curricular activities, program-funded excursions, and carefully selected internships (2nd semester) at three locations:


Mainz is a city at the heart of the Rhine-Main area, about 30 min from Frankfurt International Airport. Undergraduate and graduate students can experience the legendary Gemütlichkeit of the Rhineland while enrolling in courses alongside their German peers in fields ranging from art history to physics at the Johannes Gutenberg-Universität. [More]

Berlin and Potsdam

In Berlin, students enjoy a metropolitan experience in a city of 3.5 million inhabitants while taking courses at Freie Universität (undergraduates only), one of the capital’s four public universities. Enrolling in courses in any number of disciplines, students study and live in this very international yet very German city. [More]

In Potsdam, undergraduate and graduate students get the best of both the capitals of Brandenburg and Berlin state. They enroll at the Universität Potsdam in any number of disciplines and can enjoy the Mediterranean flair of the park surrounding the Neue Palais and Sanssouci Castle, check out Berlin’s museum island and then enjoy visiting one of Berlin’s music clubs at night. [More]

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