Potsdam has played an important role in German history for about 1000 years.

As a residence of Prussian kings, it’s where Hitler’s government met for the first time and also where the Potsdamer Abkommen ended Nazi-power in 1945. After the Wende, the Bezirkshauptstadt became the capital city of the new state of Brandenburg.

Situated at the river Havel and home to the Babelsberg Film Studios, Potsdam has grown to be one of Germany’s internationally recognized centers of science, research, and culture. By offering the advantages of urban life combined with easy access to the outdoors of its unique landscape, the city makes it easy for everybody to feel at home.

Students at Uni Potsdam can get involved in a variety of clubs or groups, including the Literaturbühne 90; the Sprecherkreis, and schreib, a Zeitschrift für junge Literatur. There is also the Campus Cantabile, the Sinfonietta, the student choir, „Pura Vida“, the History Club Havenvolck e.V., Filmclub der Potsdam University. In the Studierendenkeller Nil e.V. students organize music events from metal over punk rock to singer/songwriter gigs and karaoke.

The Cultural Student Center Potsdam (KuZe) offers a variety of student events throughout the year. You can spend your break in the park of Sanssouci or opt to spend the afternoon on Berlin’s museum island and go to see a live gig at one of Berlin’s music clubs. (Travel distance between Potsdam main station and Berlin Zoological Garden: 20 min.) [More]

Health and Fitness

Aside from having access to the UP Gym for about 15€ a month, students can choose from team sports (i.e. ultimate frisbee), water sports, endurance/strength training, martial arts, and mindfulness workshops.

Dining Halls and Cafeterias

Potsdam’s Association for Student Affairs (Studentenwerk) makes sure dining halls and cafeterias offer choices that support a balanced diet, including a large selection of healthy, diverse, and tasty food and drinks on all three campuses. The dining halls (Mensa) offer fresh fruits and vegetables daily, and provide vegetarian and vegan menu options. In addition, cafeterias, outdoor terraces, and a coffee bar (Griebnitzsee Campus) serve as popular meeting spots for studying with a group, for meeting friends, or for just hanging out.

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