Heike Fahrenberg

Associate Professor and Director, School in Germany

Dr. phil. in American Studies, Johannes Gutenberg-Universität (JGU) 2006, Diss. Publ.: Framing and Reframing the Ladies: Viewing Attitudes in ‘The Portrait of a Lady’ and its Cinematic Counterpart’; American Studies / English Lecturer JGU/UC Davis 1997-2009; Teacher State Exam I (German and English Studies), M.A. in German, English and American Studies JGU 1997, German Assistant Middlebury College 1994-95; Biological Lab Technician, Hoechst AG, 1991). Dr. Fahrenberg has been the director of the Middlebury School in Germany since 2000. Integrating work with research, she focuses on teaching and assessing Intercultural Communicative Competence and became a Qualified Administrator of the IDI in 2012. American Association of Study Abroad Programs, Germany Workshops 2013/14: Teaching and Assessing of Intercultural Competence with/out the IDI; 2015: Student Safety in Study Abroad. ACTFL: 2013 w. Prof. Roman Graf (Middlebury German Dept.): Study Abroad - Integral and Integrated Part of a Language Teaching Curriculum. 2014 w. Prof. Sanae Eda (Director, Middlebury School in Japan) Teaching Language and Culture: Integrated Portfolios in Japan and Germany. ACTFL with Prof. Roman Graf: 2016 Multi-Level Advanced Intercultural Writing’; 2018: Institutional Change through Intercultural Communication; 2019 Making Intercultural Communication Happen: Moving from Intercultural Competence to Intercultural Communicative Practice; 2021 Initiating Democratic Behavior through Intercultural Communicative Practice. Intercultural Conflict Style (ICS) certification in November 2021.

Juliane Drauschke

Assistant Director

Juliane Drauschke (M.A. in Adult Education, Coaching and Personal Development, Humboldt University 2015, B.A. in Education Studies and Gender Studies, 2012) has been in her position since March 2018. Since she spent three months in Colombia, interning at Universidad de Norte (Barranquilla) in order to improve her Spanish, gain experience abroad and most importantly, to immerse herself in a new culture in 2014, her enthusiasm for travelling and exploration inspires her work for and with the students. While she supports students in all realms of student life, Juliane leads our team of BabelGuides and oversees our extensive and diverse internship program at all three locations.

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