We provide support and access to health and well-being resources prior to departure, while abroad, and upon return.

24/7 Support

All Schools Abroad have dedicated staff who help ensure the health, safety, and well-being of our students abroad. They are locally connected, stay abreast of the news, and maintain contingency plans in the event of an emergency or other need to contact program participants quickly.

We share and discuss cultural, health, and safety tips in the pre-departure materials sent to each student, and again during onsite orientation. Students should always first contact the director of their School Abroad in the event of a problem or emergency.

On top of what our on-site staff provides, the Middlebury College Counseling Center offers two resources to Middlebury Schools Abroad, designed to provide additional mental health support to students. They are free, confidential, accessible from anywhere, and available 24/7. The two resources are listed below:


SilverCloud provides online mental health support and education through interactive programs with topics such as depression, anxiety, stress, and body image. Students may work with a coach or navigate SilverCloud as a self-guided tool. It is accessible from any computer, phone, or tablet with an internet connection: https://midd.silvercloudhealth.com/signup/. Students must use a Middlebury email address.

Counseling Support Line

Students may speak with a trained mental health clinician for crisis intervention, general mental health support, and consultation by calling 855-465-5013 (United States-based number, international dialing applies). Reasons students have called include, but are not limited to panic attacks, stress, thoughts of suicide or self-harm, low motivation, homesickness, and concerns about a friend or classmate. All calls to the Counseling Support Line from students are screened for safety.

Emergency Services

Middlebury partners with Global Rescue for medical and security advisories, as well as evacuation services in the event of a natural disaster or political crisis.  Emergency Medical Evacuation coverage is provided as a part of students' medical insurance with GeoBlue.

We also have contingency plans in place for other kinds of local, national, and international emergencies. Students are given emergency cards to carry in their wallets listing emergency contact numbers, including the school director and other staff, the U.S. Embassy, and local police and ambulance.

It is our experience that our host cities are no more dangerous than large cities in the U.S. Students who conduct themselves with the same level of precaution abroad as they would in New York City or Chicago, are no more likely to be victims of crime than they would be at home.

In case of an emergency during which families are unable to reach students, please contact us.

Middlebury has endorsed the Forum on Education Abroad's Standards of Good Practice, including the Standard concerning Health, Safety, Security, and Risk Management.