While you are living in a foreign culture, you may find that attitudes towards sex and relationships differ from your own culture.

Whether you are sexually active or not, it is important to reflect upon your own sexual health and behavior before departing for your semester abroad.

While you are abroad, being conscious of the cultural differences and taking proactive safety steps will be of the utmost importance. Entering into a relationship should be approached with the same precautions as at home, but becoming romantically involved while abroad may come with additional complications to consider due to different cultural values and rules regarding sex, dating and relationships.

While cultural sensitivity is a necessary part of adapting to your host culture, if you ever feel that your personal safety is threatened, it is okay to put aside your cultural sensitivity long enough to remove yourself from any uncomfortable situation in which you might find yourself.

In a cross-cultural relationship, you should share your own standards of safe and enjoyable sex with your partner, just as you would in a relationship at home.