A vibrant and constantly changing city, Berlin is a center for cultural, political, and economic life, and plays a central role in the development of the European Union.

A truly international city, Berlin also has a unique cultural profile within Germany and boasts residents from around the globe. The city offers anything a culture-seeker could hope for, including countless museums, a vibrant theatre scene and an arty counter-culture. And while Berlin is a large city, it features abundant parkland and a myriad of bridges crisscrossing the river; both features give the city not only a feeling of spaciousness but also remarkable beauty. [More]

Students at the Freie Universität in Berlin can participate in a wide variety of activities. University Sports offer all students instruction, competitions and athletic groups. Soccer and arobics have been popular choices in recent years. Students might also choose to join a running club and enjoy the jogging paths along the Spree, go bouldering or hiking, or join a local dancing studio. 

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