Students in front of bins and bags of food
Students at the UAM (Metropolitan Agrifood Unit) with the Redalco volunteer team learning how to classify and sort foods by consumption by humans, consumption by animals, or disposal

Fall 2022 semester-long three stage activity with Redalco a small NGO focusing on social injustice and unequal distribution of food. Currently, the organization is working on access to food through the recovery of discarded food at the Central Market and distribution through disadvantaged sectors. This co-curricular activity is broken up in three distinct experiences over the course of the semester:

  • Students participate in the process of recovering edible discarded edible food at the Central Market.
  • Students will assist in distributing food through different centers that organize emergency food services for disadvantaged neighborhoods, while learning about their perspectives and priorities. 
  • Final lecture on the concept, problems, and solutions to unequal food distribution.
Students peeling potatoes around a table
Helping to prepare food for a community meal of 200 people in the Los Bulevares neighborhood
Students handling apples in a facility
Classifying apples with Massimiliano Iannolo, Director of Institutional Development at Redalco