As part of the Kathryn Wasserman Davis Collaborative in Conflict Transformation, Middlebury is pleased to offer funding for student research projects for students enrolled in the Middlebury School in Cameroon. In spring 2024 and spring 2025 there is research funding available for two students.

Students from Middlebury and from other colleges and universities will be eligible to apply. The students selected will receive a $2,000 stipend awarded to them throughout the semester. This stipend is given in order to support students in their research project related to Conflict Transformation. 

Under the supervision of Professor Éric Fofack, who specializes in conflict transformation, students may contribute to a research project, Women in Cameroonian Media: Monitoring Gender Issues in Cameroonian Media.


In Cameroon, recent increases in media outlets, including social media, have enabled citizens to involve themselves in conversations around public policies and previously taboo or ignored issues. Despite the national policy of gender equality in Cameroon, the involvement of women in the socioeconomic and political spheres and their representation in the media remains a concern.

Research Project

There is currently very little data on gender representation in the media in Cameroon and on topics related to women and gender issues. This study will allow students to better understand Cameroonian society by exploring its media universe. 

Students will join the Center for Gender, Peace and Security (CGEPS) and will be integrated as junior researchers, spending three months of the spring semester working alongside the team. Activities include:

  • monitoring media content, including government and private newspapers
  • developing statistics on topics related to women
  • drawing up statistical tables that will be used when writing monthly and final reports
  • organizing and analyze data on recurring topics in media sources
  • exploring archives in the headquarters of targeted newspapers and magazines
A student interviews a woman

Faculty Supervisor

Éric Wilson Fofack

Professor of History

Application Instructions and Requirements 

For consideration in Dr. Fofack’s research project we are looking for evidence of a strong background in the social sciences and the French language. We encourage you to apply if you have:

  • Above average grades (B+ and higher);
  • Research or project-based experience; 
  • An advanced level in French; and
  • Familiarity of a subject within the social sciences such as political science, international studies, or gender studies

For the International Programs Conflict Transformation committee’s consideration, please submit the following:

  • A brief (1 page maximum) essay (in English) addressing:
    • How you define conflict transformation;
    • How the topic of gender, peace, and security resonates with your studies or experiences; 
    • Your experience with and interest in research; and
    • What opportunities this might offer that you may not otherwise have experienced.
Please submit your application materials to subject line: “Application for Conflict Transformation Funding in Cameroon”.  The deadline for submission is November 15, 2023. 

Center for Gender, Peace and Security