For students seeking study abroad programs without a language prerequisite, the Middlebury Schools Abroad have English-speaking options in the United Kingdom as well as a full immersion program for beginners in Italy. 



The School in India is currently on hold as we explore new programming possibilities. When it returns, although it may have a language component, courses will be taught in English.

United Kingdom

The Middlebury College-CMRS Oxford Humanities Program (Middlebury-CMRS) offers a semester or year-long opportunity to study abroad in the vibrant and historical city of Oxford, England. In association with Keble College in Oxford, Middlebury-CMRS offers a culturally immersive and academically rigorous experience that includes seminars, one-on-one tutorials, and field study.

Immersion for beginners

*Beginner tracks open to non-Middlebury students only

Florence, Italy

Students in the beginner track study the Italian language in an immersive context. Language classes are fully immersive in Italian while area studies courses begin in English, moving toward more content in Italian as the semester progresses. These classes, combined with the Middlebury Language Pledge®, help students significantly improve their proficiency. Designed for students with 0-1 years of college-level Italian (or the equivalent). Read more about the Beginner Track.

Moscow, Russia (currently suspended)

Students with 0-1 semester of college-level Russian sign the Middlebury Language Pledge® and earn a full year of Russian in just one semester. Students will receive a comprehensive orientation and will begin their studies with Introduction to Russian Language classes as well as two intensive content courses, which will begin in English. Increasingly, coursework will be held in Russian, and program-sponsored tutors will provide linguistic and academic support. Learn more about the Beginner Track in Russia.