The Beginner Track is designed for students with less than 1 year (2 semesters) of college-level Italian (or the equivalent).

Please note that this track is not available to Middlebury College students.

The Language and Culture course is taught in Italian to allow students to study the language as well as use it in an environment focused on its acquisition. Area studies courses begin in English and move toward increased content in Italian as the semester progresses. These classes, combined with the Middlebury Language Pledge®, help students significantly improve their proficiency. In consultation with the program director, students may also choose courses taught in English at the Università degli Studi di Firenze or courses in studio art at the Accademia d'Arte Firenze.

Track Structure

Students in the Beginner Track will enroll in three (3) courses for a total of four (4) Middlebury credits.  There is one required Language and Culture course at the Middlebury School in Italy Sede that all students must take, and two elective courses; one of the two electives must be taken at the Middlebury School in Italy Sede, the second elective can be taken either at the Sede, at the Accademia d’Arte, or at the University of Florence.  Students will be asked to select their courses before the start of the semester and will work with the director of the School in Italy to finalize their course selections prior to arrival.

Below are the course options for the Fall 2019 semester:

Course 1/Required Sede Course

Title Description
Italian Language and Culture Course Description

Course 2/Elective 1: Sede Course

Title Description
Italian Contemporary Society Course Description
Renaissance Art Course Description

Course 3/Elective 2: Sede, Accademia d'Arte, or University of Florence

Title Description
Sede Course Please refer to the descriptions above
Accademia d'Arte Course Options
University of Florence Course Options (coming soon)

Previous Courses at the Middlebury Sede

Courses offered at the Middlebury Sede vary from semester to semester. Below are examples of other courses from past semesters:

Fall 2018/Spring 2019

  • Italian Language Course: Lingua e Cultura I (Beginner)
  • Content Course: Il paesaggio nel cinema italiano
  • Content Course: Storia dell'arte: Rinascimento a Firenze

Fall 2017/Spring 2018

  • Language and Culture: Italian Language Course
  • Content Course: Contemporary Italian Society
  • Content Course: History of Renaissance Art