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Take the Language Pledge® and dramatically improve your proficiency, in just one summer.

Seeking an advanced degree?*

The application for Summer 2023 will open on November 1.

Students sign the French Language Pledge for the summer.

How It Works

Since 1915, Middlebury Language Schools has been one of the nation’s preeminent language learning programs. Whether you’re a beginning language learner or working toward a master’s degree, our time-tested programs offer a range of options and opportunities. 


Language Pledge®

When you take the Pledge, you commit to communicating only in language for the duration of your program.

In a community of motivated learners and supportive faculty, you’ll live, play, and learn in a 24/7 immersion environment.


Live in Language

In our classes we offer a wide range of levels, from beginner through graduate, designed to challenge you and fit your needs as a language learner.

Outside of class, you will put your language skills to work, participating in an array of cocurricular activities.


A Rewarding and Rigorous Environment

1500 Students aged 18–80+
15% Beginning language learners
$7000000 Financial aid and scholarships each year

A Summer at the Middlebury Language Schools

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Student play volleyball outside outside in Vermont.


Our Vermont campuses provide open space, rural beauty, and top-notch facilities that embody a focused and productive setting.

Graduate students have the option to continue their studies abroad.