The Language Schools attract and retain some of the world’s leading academic professionals and like-minded learners. Meet stellar directors and administration below.


Stephen Snyder

Dean of Language Schools and Vice President for Academic Affairs; Kawashima Professor of Japanese Studies

Sunderland Language Center 209
Office Hours:
By appointment (please call Laura Bachand x5292)

Timothy Page

Associate Dean of Language Schools, Operations

Sunderland Language Center

Per Urlaub

Associate Dean of Language Schools; Associate Professor

Sunderland Language Center
Office Hours:
Wednesday, 9:30 -10:45, and by appointment

Emily Kimberly

Business and Financial Operations Analyst

Sunderland Language Center

John Stokes

Operations Director

Sunderland Language Center 219


Jesse Bruchac

Director, School of Abenaki

Brahim Chakrani

Director, Arabic School

Michigan State University

Cecilia Chang-Chow

Director, Chinese School

Williams College

Armelle Crouzières-Ingenthron

Director, School of French

Middlebury College

Bettina Matthias

Director, German School and German for Singers

Middlebury College

Vardit Ringvald

Director, School of Hebrew

Middlebury College

Antonio Vitti

Director, Italian School

Indiana University

Motoko Tabuse

Director, School of Japanese

Eastern Michigan University

Sahie Kang

Director, School of Korean

Defense Language Institute Foreign Language Center

Maria Luci De Biaji Moreira

Director, Portuguese School

College of Charleston

Jason Merrill

Director, School of Russian

Michigan State University

Jacobo Sefami

Director, School of Spanish

University of California, Irvine

Rogers Walker

Director, English Language School

Middlebury Institute of International Studies