Students stand over a large poster, signing their names.

Benefit from Middlebury’s proprietary Language Pledge® with a promise to speak only the language you’re studying for the duration of the program.

This complete linguistic immersion, combined with rigorous classroom learning and in-language cocurricular activities, helps you achieve dramatic breakthroughs, no matter what your proficiency level or the language program of your choice.

“In signing this Language Pledge®, I agree to use ___________ as my only language of communication while attending the Middlebury Language Schools. I understand that failure to comply with this Pledge may result in my expulsion.”

Middlebury Language Schools Pledge Ceremony

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The pledge is one of the foundations of the Middlebury Language School’s experience. Once you take the pledge with your school you should make every effort to remain in language. I want you to think of the pledge, not as a rule you live in fear of violating, but rather as your best ally in your studies.

The more you embrace it, the more you surround yourself with the pledge, and with others who are doing the same. The more you will find yourself making rapid progress in your goal that you’ve set yourself for this summer. I just wanna thank everyone at the Academy. My parents, my professors, without whom I would not be here stumbling through Portuguese with all of you this summer.


A Powerful Purpose

The Language Pledge supports a solid foundation in language—reading, writing, listening, and speaking. Outside the classroom, the Pledge fosters meaningful engagement and fluency acquisition, as students participate in a vast range of cocurricular activities, all of which happen in language.

Rules and practices regarding the implementation of the Language Pledge® vary slightly among the Schools. Most important is adherence to the spirit of the Pledge and each student’s sincere effort to use the target language as exclusively as possible during the session.

Speaking English in the presence of other Language Schools students is a direct violation of the Pledge and must be avoided at all times.

Exceptions to the Language Pledge

Students are not expected to speak in their language of study when they are faced with an emergency when conversing with a member of the Middlebury administration, when speaking with a healthcare professional, and on those occasions when it is absolutely necessary to use English or another language.

The Language Pledge sign in front of the library.