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Frequently Asked Questions


We welcome students from all walks of life (ages 18 to 80+) and all parts of the world who show the potential and desire to succeed. Applicants should be high school graduates, but can be high school seniors at the time they apply. Students, faculty, and staff live in dormitories and have meals together in dining halls, organized by language. This helps create a high-quality immersion experience for all.

High school students interested in Japanese or Abenaki can reach out to their School’s Assistant Director for details on the application process.


Yes, Middlebury Languages Schools offers master’s programs as well as a Doctor in Modern Languages in various flexible formats with many specialization options. Pick the language you are interested in and then “Graduate Program.” All thirteen languages have graduate programs except Abenaki, English, and Portuguese. Our French, German, Italian, Russian, and Spanish graduate programs have options abroad.


How fast you learn a language will depend on the time and effort you devote to it and your personal skills. Some people can learn a second language faster than others.

Our summer Immersion Programs represent a great way to learn a language in a short period of time. By taking the Language Pledge and communicating only in the language you are learning (both in class and outside of class), you can dramatically improve your proficiency in only one summer.

For our Immersion Programs, most of them are either 7 or 8-weeks depending on the language. Hebrew and Russian offer shorter options.


Please see more information on the application process on our Admissions web pages. The requirements are different for our Immersion Programs and our Graduate Programs.

The immersion programs require 1 letter of recommendation, while the graduate programs require 3 letters of recommendation. The recommendation should be from a language or other academic subject instructor, or a supervisor or colleague who can speak about your motivation for learning a language, and your ability to manage the challenge of an intensive, immersive learning program.


Yes, please see the requirements and deadlines for scholarship opportunities for Immersion Students and Graduate Students.

Financial aid is available on a first-come, first-served basis. Financial aid does not cover full tuition, room, and board to attend, but can cover a part of the costs.

In order to apply to financial aid and scholarships, you must first submit your Language Schools application, and then you will receive two emails containing the links for applying to these opportunities.