Students have many reasons for choosing Middlebury. Once they get here, they discover things about themselves and the place that help shape who they are—and who they want to be. 

Middlebury student Mauricio Moreno

Mauricio Moreno, Class of 2022
Los Angeles, CA

Major: Molecular Biology and Biochem

Favorite Classes: Chemistry 104, Intro to Microeconomics, and Film History

Favorite Space: The McCullough Student Center is great for hanging out with friends playing pool or for studying up in the Grille area. 

Favorite Activity: Men’s Rugby. I had no prior knowledge of rugby but the Middlebury team really welcomed me and made me feel part of their community. 

Sense of Community: We really do try to encourage each other to get out of our comfort zones and try new things. Whether you join an athletic team or an extracurricular group, there will always be people to make you feel welcomed. 

Guiding Forces: To learn and try new things. Students here really want to learn. We take courses that interest us and are not restricted only to our majors but are instead encouraged to take classes across different disciplines. 

Study Abroad: I plan on going to England or Chile. 

Off Campus: The rugby team volunteers every Sunday at the town’s Charter House to make lunch for the people there.

What Surprised Me: How much there is to do here. I thought that since we were in a rural part of Vermont, that I’d have to head out every weekend to have something to do. We have so much involvement by the students in various clubs and groups that there is always something to do or attend any given night.

After Middlebury: I plan on attending med school to become a psychiatrist after. 

Middlebury student Maya Gee

Maya Gee, class of 2022
Waikoloa, HI

Major: I’m planning to be a sociology major with a minor in education studies while completing the Privilege and Poverty Academic Cluster.

Favorite Classes: Population Geography, Rhetoric of Public Memory, Education in the USA.

Favorite Space: The Greenhouse in BiHall! Favorite Activity: Playing water polo at the natatorium or walking to the Knoll, our organic farm on campus.

Sense of Community: I feel like students really want to take the time to build bonds with one another. Whether it’s over a coffee or during a hike to a swimming hole, students really want to spend time with one another outside of the classroom.

Guiding Forces: My first year counselors! Off campus: I eat way too much Sabai Sabai (Thai food) and babysit for families in town!

What Surprised Me: The winters are not as cold as you think they are!

After Middlebury: Not sure yet! Waiting to see where life will take me next.

Middlebury student Sean Fallon

Sean Fallon, Class of 2020.5
Deerfield, NH

Major: I’m an international politics and economics major, and I also study German.

Favorite Classes: Introduction to the Universe (Physics), Insurgency and Security Policy (Political Science), and The Imagination of Disaster (Film and Media Culture)

Favorite Space: The roof deck of BiHall during the sunset or on a clear night.

Favorite Activity: Ultimate Frisbee or Trivia Night

Sense of Community: I feel a strong connection between the campus community and the community that exists in the town of Middlebury. We often hold open observatory nights that welcome not only students but also plenty of town members. 

Guiding Forces: My primary guiding force in life is my family. My parents have played a significant role in instilling the importance of education, responsibility, and taking advantage of any opportunity afforded to me.

Study Abroad: I will be studying abroad next semester in Mainz, Germany. I’m super excited and I know that my language experience here has prepared me enough to have a great time.

Off Campus: Ultimate Frisbee, hike, bike, and go swimming in many rivers/swimming holes around us.

What Surprised Me: How easy it is to make friends. Joining clubs and meeting students with similar interests was much easier than I was anticipating. Even in my orientation process I learned that many people around me were interested and willing to strike up conversations and become friends. Even as a senior, I manage to meet new people and build new friendships all the time.


Middlebury student Dani Skor

Dani Skor, class of 2020
St. Louis, MO

Major: I’m a joint major in English and American Literature and American Studies.

Favorite Classes: Education in the USA, Environmental History: Nature and Inequality in the U.S., 19th Century American Literature.

Favorite Space: Near the waterfall in Axinn, the Knoll, Atwater Dining Hall

Favorite Activity: Swimming and attending the Middlebury Moth-Up.

Sense of Community: Middlebury is a very collaborative, buzzing community, where students really throw themselves into the things they’re interested in, academically and otherwise.  Members of our community care a lot about it, which means making a strong effort to self-critique and constantly working to better it. We have a lot of school spirit for a school our size, I think, which manifests itself in a shared pride and excitement to be part of this community.  

Guiding Forces: To take comfortable risks and that your attitude going into anything can really affect your experience of it.

Study Abroad: I studied abroad on the Middlebury school in Ferrara, Italy.  What surprised me most were the little things, like that it’s more polite to blow your nose loudly in class than to sniffle, or that no one goes anywhere with their hair wet.  There are so many things you can’t learn in a classroom, like these little cultural norms but also how to navigate a train system in a foreign country, how to live on your own and cook for yourself.  It’s hard to say anything about the value of studying abroad that hasn’t already been said, but my main takeaway is that it’s hard, and you’ll mess up a lot, and it’s not for everyone, but you can learn so much.

Off Campus: I like apple-picking in the fall, the occasional hike, day trips to Burlington, and going to Lake Dunmore and other swimming areas when the weather’s nice.

What Surprised Me: I applied early decision to Middlebury because I really liked how happy the students here seemed, the beautiful campus, and the appeal of the liberal arts experience.  I was surprised by how many of the people I met had the same impression of the school and seemed as excited to be here as I was, which creates a really upbeat and inviting environment.

After Middlebury: Immediately, I hope to return to Italy to work for a year or two, and then go to graduate school eventually and see where that takes me.


Middlebury student Jackson Evans

Jackson Evans, class of 2022
Melbourne, Australia

Major: I’m not sure yet, but it’s likely to be mathematics

Favorite Classes: Chinese was a wonderful class to take with no prior experience! I also really enjoyed Computing for the Sciences.

Favorite Space: Ross Senior Lounge is a great hidden study spot.

Favorite Activity: Rock Climbing at the climbing wall at the athletic center.

Off Campus: I work at the Middlebury College Snow Bowl as a ski instructor! I also love hanging out with my host family in Shelburne.

What Surprised Me: I realized how much other people were willing to collaborate. Whether we’re studying or snowshoeing, people want to integrate their social lives into academics, the environment, or the community.

After Middlebury: Most likely I will go to graduate school, but I would also love to do work with some nonprofits!

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