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We Did It!

Alumni, parents, and friends made more than 3,000 gifts to Middlebury. Your generosity also helped Middlebury earn an additional $220,000 from our trustees for financial aid. Together, we raised more than one million dollars to support Middlebury students!

Why give to Middlebury?

Your gift helps us to teach exceptional young people how to understand the world and contribute to it. It is an investment in today's students and the future they will help to shape. You make it possible for Middlebury to fulfill its mission.

Honor the Tradition.
Shape the Future

Behind all Middlebury students and alumni are generations of people who helped to make their education possible. For more than two centuries—from Gamaliel Painter’s era to the present—forward-thinking people have supported Middlebury through their estate plans. Every time a student enters a lab, studies in the library, or heads out to the playing fields, that generosity is remembered. Learn more.