Marine and Aquatic Ecology

Coastal Resource Management

Euro-Am Relations in 21 Cen

European Integration: Why&How

Operation Research

Operation Research

Blogging in Spain

Psychology of Language

Artificial Intelligence

Themes in Late Modern History

The Early Modern Western World

History: Byzantine Empire

French Renaissance Monarchy

Remote Sensing

Physical Geography

Film Genres and National Cinemas

Film Genres and National Cinemas

MCMRS Tutorial Development Economics

International Relations in the Era of the Cold War

Religiona nd International Relations

Swedish Language and Culture

Globalization and European Economies

Danish Politics and Society

Political Economy II

Political Economy II

Histories and Theories of Photography

Arts Religion and Social Change Seminar

Old Testament Texts

Intro to Japanese Lit

Moral and Political Controversies


EUropean Game of Politics: Crisis and Survival

Comparative Tropical Ecology

Comparative Tropical Ecology

Ethnology: Contemporary World

The English Speaking World and the Challenges of the West

Paleo Environments and Weather Change


Positive Psychology

Happiness Lab: Pos Psychology

Economic History

Beginning Thai

The Artistic Legacy of Al Andalus

Behavioral Economics

International Trade

Italian NeoRealism Film Art Lit

Italian NeoRealism Film Art Lit

The Ocean and Global Change

DIrected Oceanographic Research

Spanish and Ibero-American Anthropologies

Linguistic Anthropology

Empirical Economic Research

Time Series Analysis

Public Finance

Blogging in Spain

Power of the Mind: Psychology of Performance

Public Finance

Danish Language and Culture

Architecture Fndations Studio

Detailing and Sustainability in Scandinavian Design

Adaptive Reuse in European Cities and Buildings

Fine Art Printmaking

Global Religions Indigenous African Religions and Religions of Asia

Economic Sociology: Topics and Enquiries

Gender and Minorities in Post Socialist Europe

International Organization and United Nations Studies

Film Genres and National Cinemas

Critical Social Psychology

Introduction to Political Philosophy


American Piterature to 1900

Geography of Central America

The History of Women in Costa Rica

Directed Oceanographic Research

Advanced Topics in Biological Oceanography

British Politics

Comparative European Politics

Advanced Thermodynamics

Rise and Fall of Central European Totaltiarianism

Central European Politics

Marine Invertebrate Biology

Marine Birds and Mammals

Chemical Principles and Proses

Intro to Traditional Maori Society

Geodynamics and Geohazards

Global Change and Biosecurity

Marine Biology and Ecology

Medeival Christian art in SPain

The Artistic Legacy of Al Andalus


Biochemistry of Metabolism

Business and Sustainability in the Netherlands

Political and Economic Dev of the Netherlands and EU

Swedish Language Beginners

Practical Reason in Ancient Greek and Contemp Philosophy

Contemporary Lation American History


Christian Medieval Art

Asian Geopolitics

CEE Economic Growth and Dev

The American Revolution

Intro to Newer History

Mobile Software Dev

Mobile Software Dev

Mobile Software Dev

Structure and Dynamics of Complex Networks

Theory of COmputing

The Tudor World

Revolutionary Europe

COmparative Public Policy: Sweden and EU

Literature and Society

Kafka in Prague

Communication Politique

Economics of European Integration

Writing New Worlds

MCMRS Tutorial Milton

Intro to Gaelic Language and Culture

Physics of Fields and Matter

Film as a Mirror of History, Ideology and Ind Freedom

History of the Roman Republic

War, Politics, Society 19th-20th Centuries

French Renaissance Monarchy


Love: FR Renaissance Poetry

Economic History

European Politics

Political Sociology

Arts, Religion and Social Change

Neurodegenerative Diseases

Christianity and Warfare

Witches in Early Modern Europe

Fondamenti D'Urbanistica

Environmental Research Methods and Ethics

Biodeversity and Natural Resource Management in Madagascar

Introduction to World Religion

Art in Museums of Madrid: Prado

Swedish Language and Culture

Business and Sustainability in the Netherlands

Netherland Screen Cultures

European Politics

English Lit 1

Comprehending the Holocaust

Modern Hebrew: Aleph, Intermediate Level

Religion and Conflict in the Middle East: A Jewish Perspective

Culture and Stratification

Right Wing Extremism and Gender

Intro to Theories of European Integration

Gender and Globalization

Contemp Latin American History

Middle Ages History

Independant Research Paper

Magic and the Occult

Europe and the World

CMRS Humanities Program

Christianity and Warfare

Christianity and Warfare

MCMRS Tutorial Development Economics

MCMRS Tutorial Christianity and Science

MCMRS Tutorial Modern Catholic Thought

Enlightenment Political Thought


Psychology of Work

Language, Cognition, Behavior

Contemporary Canadian Lit


London: The Worlds Music Capital

Music Computing 2

Physical Computing

Media Theory

Art, Power and Society in Modern Spain

Andalusian Musical Heritage

Advanced Spanish Syntax

Advanced Spanish Syntax

Contemp History of Latin America XIX-XXC

History of Spain 1808-1939

European Integration

Economics of Transition

Dreaming the Middle Ages

Chaucer and his Contemporaries

Regional Writers

Evaluation of Environmental Impact

Dutch Business Culture

Parasite Biology 3

Causes of War

Scandinavian Moods in Cinema

Object Oriented Programming and User Interfaces

Social Policy and Welfare State

CMRS Tutorial: Bristish Childrens Literature

CMRS Tutorial: COurtly Love

The Inklings


Communism and Nazism Reflected in the Arts

American Media Impact of Post Communism Czech Republic

Hollywood and Europe


Introduction to Programming

COmmunist Life Paths Romania

The Hundred Years War

Painting and Printmaking

Expl Disc: Ideas, Matrl and Forms

Economic Formation of Brazil I

CMRS Tutorial COntemporary British Fiction

Global Literatures

The Literature Laboratory: Writing Beyond Limits

Probability Theory

Quantum Information and Computation

Philosophy of Math

Mathematical Logic

Nuclear and Particle Physics

Individual Differences

Environmental Philosophy

Political System of Germany

King Sigmund and his Time

Geologic History

Field Focused Research Methods

Struct Geo & Global Geophys

European Security Dilemmas and Intelligence

Economics of Gender

French Political Institution

European Institutions

Political Sociology

Methods: Political Science

Cognitive Neuroscience of Consciousness

Epigenetics and the Environment

Quality Control

Operating Systems

Introduction to Differential Equations

Perception and Cognition

Contextual Studies, Tools and Ideas

Intro to Study in Higher Ed

Intro to Study in Higher Ed

Intro Dsgn Prcss Skills and Knowledge

Computational Analysis of Big Data

Global Energy Politics

Theoretical Approaches to International Relations

Special Topic: Geographies of Helath and Well Being

Economic Progress in Spain

20th Century British History

Comprehending the Holocaust

Reality of Art

Holocaust in E&W Europe

Doc and Art Positions in African Photography

Art and Migration N Africa

Urban Economics

Psychology of Adolescence

Applied Restoration Ecology

Ideas Behind Politics: Communism, Post COmmunism and Civil Society in Central Europe

Language and Society

History: International Relations

Philosophy of Science

Architect Workshop IV: Landscape

History of India 1857-1950

Tutorial in Chinese: China's Left Behind Children

Comprehending the Holocaust

Poverty and Social Inequality

Practice of Photography

Architecture Foundation Studio

Islam in Jordan

Biological Field Methods

Intro to Natural History

Applied Restoration Biology

Spanish Grammar II

Comparative Studies

Comparative Literature Eng-Spanish

Global Ocean: Maritime History and CUlture

The Enlightenment

Theme in Late Modern History

Developmental Biology

Industrial/Organizational Psychology

Literary Theory

Renaissance Literature

Shakespeare Seminar

Astrophysics I

Theory of Computing

Multivariate Statistics

Probability and Inference I

Database Theory and Applications

Eurpoean Integration: Why and How

Intro to European Union

Political Violence and Conflict: Theoretical Perspectives

In and Out: The Politics of Migration

Al-Qaeda, Isis and Intelligence Analysis

The European Union

Independant Research, Ethiopian Christian Art

MCMRS Tutorial Early Medeival Art and Architecture

Contemporary Russian Foreign Policy

European Integration: Why and How

European Integration from Central European Perspective

Writing for Cultural and Linguistic Competence


Contemporary Migrations to Argentina

Community Health Practicum

Public and Environmental Health Issues

HIV/AIDS Prevention and Control

Public Economics

Spanish Civil War

Spanish Civil War

Territory and Society in Spain

Psychology of Culture

Poland and European Union

Quantum Probability

Graph Theory

Data Mining Parts 1 and 2

Artistic Legacy of Al-Andus

Spanish History 1939-present

Psychology of Individual Differences

Environmental Economics in Central European Context

20-21C Artists group and Collections

Outlawry and Defence of Modern Art

Culture, Competence and Composition

History of Contemporary Spanish

History of Spain II

WOmen in Politics SP 1900-1977

Film and Television in Spain

Advanced Spanish Communication I

The European Union

Blogging in Spain

Bidimensional Arts

SIlkscreen Printing

History and Practice of Photography

History and Practice of Photography

European Union

Language, Cognition and Society

The Canon of Literature

Current History of Spain 1939-Present

Advanced Spanish Sytax

Artistic History of Al Andalus

Spain through Literature and Film

Physical Geography

Exoticism and Enlightenment Philosophy

Software Construction

Software Construction

Operating Systems

COmputer Architecture

Intro to Geostimulation

Intro to Remote Sensing

Software COnstruction Workshop

Eurpean Institutions

French POlitical Institutions

Money, Bank, Finance

Development Studies Seminar

Modernism James joyce

Romantic Literature

Developement and Social Change Seminar

Political Philosophy Basic Problem

International Relations

Language, Cognitiona dn Society

Europe and the World

Ireland 1534-1815 A Survey

Refugee and Migration Studies

Modern Arabic Lit

Economies of the Middle East

History of India 1857-1950

Development Theory and Exper II

Central Eurpean Film

Screenwriting and Analysis

Directing Traditions Theories and Workshops

Intermediate Production: 35 MM Cinematography

Clinical Psychology


Clinical Adult and Child Psychology

Psychoanalysis II

International Economics

Contemporary Urban Issues

Women in Politics 1900-1977

Political Theory

Economy of Culture

Indian Economy II

CMRS tutorial English Arch 1530-1790

CMRS tutorial Medieval Islamic Arch

FMMC 2490 M-CMRS tutorial Cinema an Society in 20th C Britain

Swedish Politics and Society

Terrorism and Anti-Terrorism

Learning in Scandinavian Classrooms

Prostitution and the Sex Trade in Europe

Gender, Equality and Sexuality in Scandinavia

Global Politics

Political Processes and Institutions in Comparative Perspective

Ethnography of Latin American Youth

International Relations in the Era of two World Wars

British Politics since 1945

Political Philosophy II Okham to Locke

Modern Political Philosophy

Management in CHina Domestic and International Dev

Comparative Growth of Asia and Africa

International Relations of East Asia

Forensic Psychology

The Culture of the European City

Edinburhj in Fiction/Fiction in Edinburgh

Place and Space in Early Modern Literature

Language Pathology

Gender Work and Consumer Culture

Life and Culture in a Totlaitarian Regime

History of Spain XV-XX C.

Experimental Archeology

AlAndalus and the Ilsamic World

Sociology of Spain

Tourism and Hotel Business in Brazil

Latin American Geography

Morfintosyntaxis Portuguese

Political Leaders Behind the Scenes

Social Entrepeneurship in Glbl Comp COntext

COntemp Art History 1860-1890

Filam Analysis

The Languages of Italian

Applied and Industrial Arts

Contemporary Art History

Psychology of Education

Identity in Internatinal Relations

Politics, Economy Society: Japan

International Relations of East Asia

Nursing for the Vital Cycle

Nursing for the Prevention and Promotion of Health

Politics of Economic Policy

Democracy and Democratization

Internationalization of Econ Growth

Applied Environmental Economics

Islamic System

COntemp Issues & Challenges of ME Economics

Christianity and Warfare

Contemporary History Subsaharn Africa I

Theories of Personality

20th Century British History

Religion and Politics; FR secular

Labor Economics


International Relations

Political Sociology

Bristish Politics and Governemt since 1900

European Art and Architecture in 17th and 18th Centuries

Changing the News: Constructive Journalism

Economics and Public Policy

The History of Life

Adaptations to the Environment

Introduction to Psychotherapy

Positive Psychology

Psychology of Emerging Adulthood

Applied Analytic Functions

International Economics

Economics of Developing Countries

Psychology Seminar


Human Perspective on Development and the Environment

Economics of Crime

Modernism: James Joyce

Romantic Literature

The Essay: Creative Non-Fiction

American Thought and Culture

Modern Economic History

Public Economics

Networking and Concurrency

Independant Student Project: Arctic Climate Protection ISPR 3000

Independant Student Project: Arctic Climate Protection ISPR 3000

Biodiversity and Conservation in Cuba

The Gothic

Living on the Hyphen: Multi Ethnic American Literatures

Uruguayan Politics and Society

Global Society: Social Networks

Intro to Comparative Politics

Scottish Politics

Government and Politics in the UNited Kingdom

Urban Politics & Development

Urban Plan/Sustainable Environ

Contemporary Urban Issues

Athens to Al Qaeda Political Theory and International Politics

Economic History

Advanced Studies in Terrorism. The American Radical Right

Non-Proliferation Policymaking and Intel. Analysis

Environmental Economics

Economics of European Integration

International Trade

Labor Economics

Practice of Politics

Political Theory Plato to Rousseau

Political Theory Bentham to Weber

Spanish Contemporary History

History of East Asia

Differential Geometry of Curves and Surfaces

Psychopathology II

Memory of Italian Colonialism

Romanticism, Modernity, Avant Garde

Literature and Cinema: French Revolution

Europe from 1814 to 1870

German Culture and Composition

Joseph Roth: Literature

Economics and Society: Social Politics

History sources of Jews in Mainz

European Social POlicy

CMRS Political Thought of the 19th Century tutorial

CMRS Slassical Political Thought tutorial

Comparative issues in food, water and energy

Society and the Environment

International Cooperation in Europe and Beyond

Social Policy and Society

Rethinking the FInancial Crisis

Psychology of Work

North/South Developement

Biologically Inspired COmputing

Econ Analysis 2

French Language I