The Enlightenment

Political Sociology

Internship in Argentina

Latin American History II


Latin American Philosophy

Independent Study Project

Early Modern Early Modern Time

Hist Euro Ideas & Institutions

Hermeneutics of Artwork

Hist Africa:Making a Continent

Spanish Anthropology 2

Interpreting Shakespeare

Fundmtls of Corp Finance

Contemp Hispanic & Chilean Lit

English Literature 1740-1832

Numerical Series & Analysis

History of Chile

Spanish in America

Soc & Political History Chile

Persp Child/Adol Mental Health

Paris in 19-20C French Lit

Minds, Bodies and Persons

British Political System

Contemporary History

Politcl & Cult Hist West Europ

19C French Novel

Stendhal and Hugo

The Vikings c. 750-1200

Hist Hisp Am & Argentinean Art

Uruguayan Literature

US & Conflict in Middle East

History Latin American Theater

Arts & Cult Identities Seminar

Colonial Wars 19C-20C

Christian Iconography

Wood Sculpture

Roman Empire Augustus-Theodos

Internship in Argentina

E Euro Jews in 19th/20th Cent

Social Psychology

History Chile & Latin America

Old & Mid Eng Lang & Lit

History of Political Doctrines - 2

19-20C Eur Economic Histories

20C Literary Texts

Chilean &Span Amer Lit II

Fragile Democracies:Dvlp LA&SP 2

Topics 16C Literature

Kyoto:Photographic Profile

Modern Political Thought I &II

Understndg Envnmtl Controversy

Archaïc & Classical Greece

Eur Hist:Middle Ages to 18C - 2

Advanced French

Intermed Microeconomics

Lat Am International Politics

History of Brazil III

Econ Theories of Globalization

Gender and Development Seminar

Cont Euro Arch Theories

Politics & Philosphy 1860-1914

Globalization & World Systems

19C French Art - 2

International Security

Cuaderno - Latin America

Music in Israel-Exp of Nat Cul

Nat & Cult Ecology Seminar

Contemp Lat Am & Chilean Lit

Introduction to Poetry

History of Political Doctrines

Art Since 1945

History of Photography

The Legacy of the 1970's

20C Latin America

English-French Translation

Japan-US Relat:1850-Present

Contemporary Irish Drama

Elements of Acting Technique

Hist Contemp Arabic World

Eur Hist:Middle Ages to 18C

Structure of Int'l Soc Course

Lat Am International Politics - 3

20C Latin American History

Representing Theater Classics

Euclidean Spaces

Political Power Local-European

Minorities in Spain

Art in Early-Modern Times

19C & 20C French Literature

Czech Language

EU Political & Legal Technique

Medieval History

The Servant in Theater

Advanced Latin

18-20C: Intro Spanish Lit

Public Policy Analysis

Emerging Market Economies

Spanish Cinema

Sexual Division at Workforce