France & Europe

Advanced Spanish Language

Post War Spanish Short Story

Hist LatAm &Arg Arts & Cult II

Labour Economics

Dictatorships Southern Cone

Development of Japn Civil 2

Etnographia Andina

20C Western Eur Art History

Political Legacy Fren Revolutn

The Enlightenment

Political Sociology

Internship in Argentina

Latin American History II


Latin American Philosophy

Independent Study Project

Early Modern Early Modern Time

Hist Euro Ideas & Institutions

Hermeneutics of Artwork

Hist Africa:Making a Continent

Spanish Anthropology 2

Interpreting Shakespeare

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English Literature 1740-1832

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History of Chile

Spanish in America

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Persp Child/Adol Mental Health

Paris in 19-20C French Lit

Minds, Bodies and Persons

British Political System

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Stendhal and Hugo

The Vikings c. 750-1200

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Uruguayan Literature

US & Conflict in Middle East

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Arts & Cult Identities Seminar

Colonial Wars 19C-20C

Christian Iconography

Wood Sculpture

Roman Empire Augustus-Theodos

Internship in Argentina

E Euro Jews in 19th/20th Cent

Social Psychology

History Chile & Latin America

Old & Mid Eng Lang & Lit

History of Political Doctrines - 2

19-20C Eur Economic Histories

20C Literary Texts

Chilean &Span Amer Lit II

Fragile Democracies:Dvlp LA&SP 2

Topics 16C Literature

Kyoto:Photographic Profile

Modern Political Thought I &II

Understndg Envnmtl Controversy

Archaïc & Classical Greece

Eur Hist:Middle Ages to 18C - 2

Advanced French

Intermed Microeconomics

Lat Am International Politics

History of Brazil III

Econ Theories of Globalization

Gender and Development Seminar

Cont Euro Arch Theories

Politics & Philosphy 1860-1914

Globalization & World Systems

19C French Art - 2

International Security

Cuaderno - Latin America

Music in Israel-Exp of Nat Cul

Nat & Cult Ecology Seminar

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Introduction to Poetry

History of Political Doctrines

Art Since 1945

History of Photography

The Legacy of the 1970's

20C Latin America

English-French Translation

Japan-US Relat:1850-Present

Contemporary Irish Drama

Elements of Acting Technique

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Eur Hist:Middle Ages to 18C

Structure of Int'l Soc Course

Lat Am International Politics - 3

20C Latin American History

Representing Theater Classics

Euclidean Spaces

Political Power Local-European

Minorities in Spain

Art in Early-Modern Times

19C & 20C French Literature