Society & Desire

Language of Pop Media/Jpn

19C French Lit:The Hero Figure

Ethnology of Natives

Int'l Law & Human Development

Ital Lit from Origins to 17C

Hist Contemporary Spanish Art

Argentinean Foreign Policy

Politics and Law

History of BRD 1949-1989

Archaeology of Jerusalem

Advanced Spanish Syntax

Soc Doctrine Catholic Church

Gender, Feminisms & Societies

Sustainable Campus

NZ:Sociological Perspectives

Religious Fundamentalism-2

The Cinema of Agnes Varda

Desire in Shakespeare's Plays

Religious Life Rensnce-Revol

Nation, State & Democracy

Theater:Subj & Form Span Lit

Intro to World Politics

Contemporary Architecture

Political Systems West Europe

State, Society & Strategy

Hist French-African Relations

The European Union

Feminine Rep 19-20C Fren Lit

History Brazilian Pop Music

Biodivers Conserv & Mgmt

International Organizations

Art History

Intro to Spanish Dialectology

Sociology of Culture

Hist of the Japanese Language

Intermediate French II

Jewish Settlement: 1881-1948

3rd Year Transltn Eng-Fren-En

Ecumenical Studies

French Political Life Today

Econ & Soc History Lat Amer

Music in Latin America

Lit Reminiscence/Jpn & Asia

Language & Society 1

Representing Theater Classics

Euclidean Spaces

Political Power Local-European

Minorities in Spain

Art in Early-Modern Times

19C & 20C French Literature

Czech Language

EU Political & Legal Technique

Medieval History

The Servant in Theater

Advanced Latin

18-20C: Intro Spanish Lit

Public Policy Analysis

Emerging Market Economies

Spanish Cinema

Sexual Division at Workforce

Seminar in Japanese Theater

France & Europe

Gender & Devlpmnt Seminar - #2

Economic Logic

Religion, Power&Soc Ear Mod Fr

Rise of Am Slavery, 1619-1790

Norms of the Spanish Language

Economic History Since 1945

History of Political Ideas

Ghost Japanese Art/Entrtnmt

Contemporary History

Advanced French


Political System & Life in EU

Jpnse Cult Stds 1,Trad Culture

Undergraduate Seminar

Fren Painting Courbet-Cezanne

Translation & Interpretation

Independent Study

Financing NGO:Ethic & Efficacy

Contemporary History - #2

2nd Year Translation Eng-Fren

Introductory Zulu

Political History 20C Europe

Paris: 20C Paint & Theory

Introduction to Philosophy

Contemporary Hispanic Lit

Intelligence in War Studies

Introduction to Asian Art

Conserv & Env Protection/Jpn

Platon & Foucault

International Economics

History of Medieval Literature

Topics in Comparative Politics

Romance Philology

Contemp European Theater

Major Int'l Econ Issues

Third Year Japanese II

Music Technology I