Dir Ocean Rsch

Mar Cons Mngmt

Colonial Chile

The Classical World

International Trade

International Trade

Latin American IIRR

Latin American IIRR

EU Political System Research

Middle East Conflict&Cooperatn

Cooperation for Development

Environmental & Climate Policy

German Culture &Composition II

History of Political Thought

20C German Economic Policy

Grmn Patronage & Philanthropy

Intro External Relations of EU

Elementary Czech

CEE Econ of the EU Enlargement

Icons of Amr & Czech Pop Cltre

Modern Czech Film



Hindi - Beginner I

Indian Foreign Policy

Feminism & Indian Politics

Intro to European History

Intro to European History

17C France Culture & Society

Intro History Non-Westrn World

Intro History Non-Westrn World

17C France Culture & Society

French Language & Culture I

Oedipus Myth in 17C Fren Lit

Melusine Tales in Medieval Lit

Devil & Evil in 19C Fren Lit

Detective Narrative

Universal Literature II

Chilean Society in Film

European Storytelling

Behavioral Economics

Strt Asp of Int'l Relations

Forgn Policy Analysis I

Politics & Inst.in Europe

Neuroscience Methodology

Neurological Disorders & Disea

(Adv) Literature 1740-1832

Sp Sbj: (Adv) Austen

(Adv) Literature 1660-1760

Old English

Lit in English 1830-1910

Public Health Field Practicum

Community Public Health

Public Hlth Mngmnt of Thailand

Int'l Economy and Finance

The Australian Economy

Equality in Scandinvia

Women, Art, and Identity

Religion & Politics:FR Secular

Ireland Uncovered

Introduction to Folklore

Early Christian Ireland

Pagan Celts & Insular Inherit

Perspectives on Film I

Discovering Ireland

Man & History of Philosophy


Contemporary Ital Literature

Contemporary History

Religion & Politics:FR Secular

France & Europe

Islam:Religion Cult & Politics

Australian Film & Television

Asian Cinema and Media

Third World Politics

S. Afr Pol Thought &Traditions

Romance to Realism

Nationalism in Central Europe

Greek Key Beg Mod Greek 1

Human Rights: Int'l Norms

Nations & Nationalism

History of Philosophy

Latin American IIRR

Psychology of Groups

History of Political Thought

Contemp Artistic Movements

Social Policy & Wellbeing

Knowledge & Cultural Diversity

International Organizations

Comp Issues Human Rights

Wine Economy

Contemp Art Hist: Photography

16th Century Italian Art

Political Hist Modern Europe

Social History


Urban and Rural Geography

Geography of Chile

History of Chile

Regional & Local Development

Org of Education in Brazil

Hindi - Beginner I

Texts of Indian Philosophy

Society and the Environment

Political Sociology

Integration in South America

Integration in South America

Org of Education in Brazil

Soc Psych & Brazilian Reality

History of Spain

Holocaust and Genocide

History of Sexuality in Europe

Economics of Crime

Research Methods & Ethics

Ideologies and Minority Langs

Natural Resources

History of Spain

International Finances


Theory of Knowledge

Int'l Politics Post Cold War

Int'l Political Economy

Health Systems, Policies & Prg

Health Systems, Policies & Prg

Epidemiology & Social Determin

Argentine Social Geography

Econ Develop & Educ Policies

International Security

History of the Catholic Church

Argentinean Cultural Studies

Argentinean Cultural Studies

Argentinean Foreign Policy

Contemp French Political Life

Art of the Italian Renaissance

Organizations & Markets Theory

Protohistoric Archeology

Decorative Art & Design

Bidimensional and Graphic Arts

History of Int'l Relations

French Kings from 5-17C

French Language & Culture I

Conceptual Art


Political Apathy

Intro to Economy & Society

Contemporary Art History

Markets & the Environment

Span Through Cinema & Fiction

Blogging in Spain

Policy &Political Institutions

Soc of Agriculture & Food

Refugee & Migration Studies

Transformatn &Conflicts in ME

Psychology of Religion

Nineteenth-Century Fiction

Renaissance to Enlightenment

Background to British Politics

The Pain of Unbelonging

Milton & Revolutionary Image

Introduction to Modernism

Irish Writing 1890-1945

Xhosa Additional A

Business Ethics

Urban Chall Sth African City

Research Methods & Ethics

Perspectives on Global Health

Royalty in Land of Equality

Stories for Boys

Key Concepts in Film Studies

Social & Developmental Psych

Psychology in Legal Contexts

Biol & Behav of Mar Verebrates

Economic History

International Economics

International Economics

Contemporary History

History of Islam

Probabiity (Advanced)

Differential Equations I (Adv)

Mediality of Cult-Catastrophes

Arthur Schnitzler's Plays

Modern Poetry on War

Fundamentals of Ops Research

Differential Equations

Nations and Identities

Iconology and Iconography


The Friars In the Med World

Chivalry and Courtly Love

Dev, Sxlty&Soc Ord in Med Euro

Learning From Objects

Heritage & Public History

Intro to Medieval History

Marine Bio&Ecolgy W Australia

Conservation Biology

Complex Analysis

Econometrics 1

Statistical Modeling

Psychology & Criminal Behavior


Pol & Econ of European Union

Circ within Mod Cinematic Imag

Discrete Mathematics

Approaches to Community Health

Water & Development in Africa

Women, Islam & Media

Gender & British Cinema

Neuromuscular & Membrane Bio

Discrete Math for Computer Sci

Ireland Uncovered

Economics of Development

19C American Writing

Envir Research Methods & Ethic

Env Pol in Cen Euro Context

Ethics I

Mathematics for Comp Scientist

Monetary Economics

Grwth&Dev Long-Run His Persp

Personality & Indv Differences

Intercultural Communication

Frank Wedekind


Psychology of Development


Interactive Applications

Argentinean Economic History

Spanish Politics

Renaissance & Baroque in Lit

Art History

Environmental Economics A

Language & Reality

Language & Reality

Metaphysics and Science

Neural Basis of Episodic Memor

Cog & Behav Neuroscience

Med & Ren Scottish Literature

Politics & Popular Culture

Scottish Literature 2a

Int'l Relations of Euro Union

What is Film History?

Marine Resources

Life on Land: Animals

State & Public Policies

Argentinean Economic History

Writing:Cult & Linguistic Comp

Middle Ages History

Brazilian Politics III

Brazilian Foreign Policy II

Formation of Brazilian Economy

Art Workshop

Architecture Workshop

Political Psychology

19C French Literature

Sub-Saharan Africa

French Cultural &Political His

20C History

Vict & Social Chnge 1840-1870

Greek Philosophy I

Modern Europe I

Causes of War

Master & Slave Narratives

Autobiogrph Child in 20th Cen

The Romantic Period

War&Global Conflct Contmp Wrld

Welfare Politics

Intro to Comparative Politics

Intro to British Politics A

Teoría Literaria II

Literatura Española II

Bamiléké's Political Anthro

Gender Anthropology

Intro Cameroon Cult:Lang,Lit

Icelandic Culture

Intro to Geophysics

Germany 1914-1945 Econ Extreme

London Literature 1380-1450

Colonial Novel & British India

Int Maritime St

Arts, Religion & Social Change

Urban Environments

Advanced South African Politic

Regional Economics

Geog of Population of Chile

National History of Chile

National Economy of Chile

Brazilian Literature I

History of Portuguese America

Conduct of War

20C Love Poetry

Allegory Eur Renaissance Lit

Rural Geography

The Roman Wrld 1A:Rise of Rome

Making of Europe, 1000 to 1400

Local Welfare System

International Organizations

Argentinean Political Parties

Lat Amer & Arg Art & Culture

Gender Persp on Human Rights

Cultural Div &Social Capital B

Psychology of Adulthood

Athens on Site I Arch & City

Env Sci/Pol of Tropics

Celtic Scotland

Norwegian for Int'l Students

Modern Literature

Anglo-American Literature

Czechs, Americans & Europeans

The Ethical Brain: Phil of Neu

Nordic Mythology

Behavioral Economics

European Art of the 19th Cent

Contemporary Social History

Yunnan Minorities Studies

Argentinean Cultural Studies

Contemp Issues Lat Am Politics

Arg Social & Economic History

Transformatn &Conflicts in ME

One-on-One I

Advanced Modern Hebrew

Israeli Identities Cinema & TV

The Israeli Society

Global Communication

Security&ArmsCntrl-N East Asia

Policy Analysis

Intro to WMD Nonproliferation

Buddhist Philosophy

Latin American Contemp Issues

Argentinean Cultural Studies

Argentinean Cultural Studies

Contemp Issues Lat Am Politics

Contemp Issues Lat Am Politics

Cons/Mgt Protect Area S Africa

S African Ecosystems

Field Research

Globalization & New Geog

Suffering & Evil in the World

Mythical Stories and Tales

Apollinaire & Pérec

World History 1914 to 1947

Religion & Politics:FR Secular

Theories of Int'l Relations

Innovation Economics

Banking & Monetary Economics

Global Health & Dev't Policy

Ethnography of Sel Reg -Africa

Anthropology of Developement

Medieval Archeology

Andalusian Geography

Environmntl Vegetal Physiology

Int'l Law & Organizations

Sociology of Gender Relations

Human Rights & World Politics

Gender and Politics

Int'l Development& Pub Policy

British Politics

Comp Gov't & Politics

Pol Phil, II: Ockham to Locke

Philosophy of Religion

English in Time and Space

James Joyce: Revol of the Word

Introduction to Early Music

Crime, Cons & Corr 1603-1700

Long 19C: Themes & Transitions

The Marine Environment

The Book B

Psych of Transition&Transforma

Public Health Ethics

History of Copenhagen

Economics in Transition

Economics in Transition

Irish for Beg/Gaeilge do Thosa

Animal Physiology I

Afrikaans Intensive

Brazil Soc &Political Theories

The Psychology of Happiness

Goth, Bar, Mod: Arts in Bohemi

Prague as a Living History

Plant Physiology

General Microbiology

Beginning Hindi I

Tradnl Societies in Transition

Intermed Fren II for Devt Stud

Social Pluralism & Dev't Sem

The Novel

Australian Literature

Global&Regional Sustainability

Hlth Del & Prior in Nrthrn Eur

Intelligence, Spies & Al-Qaida

Soc Brn:Neuropsych Soc Behav

Neuroscience of Fear

The Social Brain

Globalization & Europ Econ

Development Economics

Ethical Issues

Econ of Health & Educ

Animal Plant Interactions

Aquatic Ecology

Celtic Civilisation

Eighteenth-Century Writing

19 & 20 Century Art in London

Politics of the European Union

Introduction British Politics

Economics of Regulation

Economics of Labour

Perception, Attention & Action

London Architecture II

Economics of the Public Sector


Prose Fiction

Literature and Psychoanalysis

World Politics

UK&Euro Comp Gover & Politics

Aristotle's Moral& Pol Thought

Critical Evaluations

Logistics of Practice

Brazilian Foreign Policy

Economic Sociology

Afrobrazilian Studies

Lat Am Hist after Independence

Contemp Issues Lat Am Politics

Art History

Contemp Latin American Hist

Contemp Latin American Hist

Contemp Issues Lat Am Politics

Argentinean Cultural Studies

Tutorial in Chinese

Intro CHNS Newspaper Readings

Business Chinese I

Italian Literature: 1910-68

Writing in Cultural

Contemporary Art Hist II

20C Art & Photography

Film History

Contemporary Italian Lit

General Sociology

GIS for Social & Urban Geog

Literature at the Este Court

Contemporary History


Film History

Anthro of Cultural Heritage

Italian Linguistics

Cultural Geography

Literature at the Este Court

The European Union

Statistics Applied to Soc Sci

Economic History

Political Processes

Laws & Freedom in Europe

Political Theory

Islamic Art

Gothic Architecture &Sculpture

Issues in Economic Politics

Corporate Financial Mechanisms

Int'l Monetary Relations

Apollinaire & Pérec

Transcendentalism & Utopia

Apollinaire & Pérec

The Cathar Crusade

Building European Int'l Order

Contemporary History of Youth

French Language & Culture I

Politics of Cult France & Eur

History of Political Ideas

Berlin Arch Represnt State&Pol

Intro Political System of BRD

Regional Geography of Chile

Modern World History

Analytical & Environ Chem

Field Geology

Rocks, Minerals & Ores

Globalization &Europ Economies

Comparative Tropical Ecology

National Identity & the Arts

Independent Study Project

Devt Approaches & Justice

Shaping Sustainable Social Chg

Beginning Twi I

Research Methods & Ethics

Dev't & Social Chg in Cameroon

African Studies Archive

Public Culture in Africa

Wildlife Ecol & Con Seminar

Environmental Field Study Sem

Wildlife Ecol & Con Seminar

Begining Swahili I

Environmental Field Study Sem

Coast'l Eco & Nat Res'rce Mgmt

Making of Econ Superpwr

Macroecon Principles


Politics in the Middle East

International Finance

Quantitative Methods

Real & Abstract Analysis

Graph Theory

Algebra and Analysis

Ethical Controversies

Drama in 20th & 21st Centuries

Relig Chg Tibet & the Himalaya