Engraving I

European Drama

Zoological Geography

Theory & Hist Social

Special Topics in Anthropology

Television Cultures

French Romanticism

Intro to Japanese History

Metaphysical Questions


Prelim Course: Lang & Culture

Soc of Cultural Processes #2

19C American Writing

16-20C French Literature

Chilean Theater

Intro to Math Economics

Modern Japan

Eduard Möricke

History of Latin American Art

Japanese Religion

Coral Reef Ecosystems

Portuguese America History

The Scottish Economy

Fourth Year Japanese

History & Reinterpretation

Representing Theater Classics

Jpnese Fin Markets & Inst

Modern Theatre

Chemical Reaction Kinetics

European Institutions

Leisure Culture & Society

The Subjunctive

Hist Cuban Lit & Art II

Shakespeare - #2

The New Hollywood


Love Western Lit: Mid Ages-20C

Intercult Commnctn in Japan

Politicl &Cult Hist Westrn Eur

Modern History #2


19 & 20C French Literature

International Trade

Mosque/Cathedral in Cordoba

Jane Austen,Lndscpe & Politcs

Beginning Swahili I

Compared Lat Amer Politicl Sys

War and Society

Australia's Marine Envirnmnt

Lat Am Colonial History #2

Creative Writing:Intro (Spr)

Japanese Popular Lit/Culture

Gender & Cultural Identity

Social Networks

Traditional Chilean Dances

Modernist Fiction


Intro to Medieval Art Hist #2

Animals & Society


Third Year Japanese I

Polictical Theatre

Filmmakers & Filmmaking

Intro Soc of the Family

History Latin American Theater

Reading & Writing Japnese 5

Advanced French - 2

Independent Study

Writing:Cult & Linguistic Comp

Childhood Narratives

History Brazilian Pop Music-2

Czechs, Germans and Jews - #2

History of Industrial Design

Ethics & Morals in Groups

Visual Journal - 2

Contemporary Lat Amer Cinema

Fish Biology

Lat Am Colonial History


Kansai Area Art

History of Colonial America

Writing a Woman's Life

New European Democracies

Bus&Econ Perf Since '45 Course

Internship in Mexico

19C Justice & Criminality

The 90s

Political Life in France Today

Beginning Bambara I

Japn Buddhism & Soc Suffering

16 & 17C Short Narratives

African Lit & Language Studies - 2

Political Systems in Spain

History of Present Spain

Microbial Diversity

Chilean Insertion & Globl Econ

Territorial Legislation

African Soc through Contem Lit

Engring Geology & Hydrology - 2

Films by Independent Directors