17 & 18C Parisian Architecture

French Language & Culture I

20C Art: Marcel Duchamp

Art Hist & Digital Technology

France & Europe

Gothic Architecture &Sculpture

Medieval Building Construction

Business Economics

History of Economic Thought

History of Chile

Latin American Geography

Marine Ecology


Brazilian Social Thought

Visual Anthropology

Lat Amer Econ Soc &Pol Hist

International Law

Brazilian Foreign Policy I

Socioeconomic Development

Brazilian Economic History

Developmental Economics II

Contemp Brazilian Economics

Spanish Lit III

Ibero-American Literature

Arg Economic & Social History

Latin American History

Governance & Development

Health and Society

Shadows of Enlightenment

Intro Peace &Conflict Research

International Relations

German Culture &Composition I

Analysis & Compare Pol Systems

Brain and Cognition

Genes Chromosomes & Popns

Australia in theGlobal Economy

Chaucer in Context

The Body in Pain Irish Cltr

Independent Study Project

National Identity & the Arts

Health & Community Dev't

Uruguayan History

Historical Linguistics

Kafka and His Contexts

Gender & Minor in Pst-Soc Euro

Urban Anthro of Cen Euro Citie

Edinburgh in Fict/Fict in Edin

Scottish Literature


Span Through Cinema & Fiction

Fragile Democracies:Dvlp LA&SP

Russian Stylistics

International Economics

8-11C Power & Society

Music in America & Chile

Internship in Chile

Chilean Anthropology

Lat Amer Political Processes

Brazilian Foreign Policy I

Socioeconomic Development

International Law

Theories about Journalism

Touristic Geography I

Human Geog & Geopolitics

Multiculturalism& Human Rights

Narratives of Identity Soc Cng

Neuropsych&App Neuroimaging

Cognitive Psychology I

Gender in Swedish Soc & Cltr

Control and Surveillance

Cloist Reformation SW Germany

European Union 2

20C Spanish Art

Environmental Field Study Sem

Coast'l Eco & Nat Res'rce Mgmt

La Culture de la Monarchie

Beginning Malagasy I

Euro Memory&Identity-Germany

20 & 21Cen Danish Architecture

Cultural Geography

General Linguistics


Phonetics & Phonology

Linguistic Theory III

Artificial Intelligence

Macroecon of Euro Integrtn

Ecology I: NZ Ecol & Cons

Research Practicum

Tropical Medicine-Costa Rica

Intro to Field Ethnobiology


Shakespeare, II

Medieval Travel Writers

Heresy to Ortho in Reform Euro

Organisational Psychology

Contemp Problems Mex &Veracruz

History of the Middle Ages

Environmental Field Study Sem

Ceremonies In Jewish Society

Labour Economics