Development Economics

European Economy Coursework

Social Psychology

Integrated Sustainability

Integrated Sustainability

Europe's Sociopolitical Divide

French &European Arms Policies

Western Religion & Politics

Women in 16&17C French Lit

Feminism & French Cinema

Poetics & Francophone Theatre

Fren-Eng/Eng-Fren Translation

History of Linguistics



Lit &Psychoanalysis:Short Stry

Studio Art: Drawing

Late 19C French Painting

15-17C Italian Art

Oral Comprehension &Expression

Medieval Miracles & Marvellous

17C French Painting

Early Modern Literature

Art in 17-18C Europe

Francophone Lit

20C Fren Poetry & Surrealism

Prose Stylistics

WWI to the Cold War

Art History & Digital Tech

20C Art

Mountains and Deserts

International Migrations

History of Economic Thought

Int'l Law & Organizations

Lat American Political Systems

History of Spain

Social Anthropology Issues


Applied Differential Equations

Contemp Lit Spain &Lat America

Spanish Phonetics &Phonology

Historical Syntax

Advanced Spanish Language

Sem Portuguese Lng Adv. II

Sem Portuguese Lng Adv. II

Int Portuguese Lng Adv. I

Portuguese Political Thought

Cultures of Portg Spkng Countr

Diplomatic Practice

Language & Culture in Japan

Cultural Portfolio

Renaissance English Literature

Kunming Studies I

Film History & Aesthetics

Private Actors World Politics

Intro Int'l Security Policy

Intellectuals in FROGermany

Evolution &Diversity of Plants

International Relations

German Culture &Composition

Russian Cultural Studies

Russ Language & Speech Culture

Russian Hist IX-XIX Centuries


Contemporary Ferrarese Lit

Audio-Visual Language Theory

Ethics of Communication

Tasso & Ariosto

Hist of Contemp Architecture

Writing the Cultural II

Comparative Literature

Social Pluralism & Dev't Sem

Social Pluralism & Dev't Sem

Globalizatn v. Regionalizatn

Governance & Development

Anthropology Brazilian Society

Rural & Environmental Soc

Brazilian Literature V

Sociology of Intoxication

Images & Mirages of Alexandria

Aimé Césaire

Systematic Anthropology I

Contemp Lat Amer Problems

Latin American History

Urban Geography

Psychology in Central Europe

Central European Philosophy

Modern Korean History

Theorizing the Democratic St

Politics in the Middle East


European Union

Transformatn &Conflicts in ME

Contemporary Urban Issues

Urban Plan/Sustainable Environ

Urban Politics & Development

Field Study Seminar

Health & Human Rights Sem

Independent Study Project

Field Study Seminar