Animals in English Lit & Art

Reality in 19&20C French Novel

The Arts in Bohemia

Chilean &Hispanic Amer Lit III

Rural & Environmental Soc

Comprehending the Holocaust

CEE Econ Growth&Developement

Contemporary Spanish History

Advanced Spanish Language II

Film & TV in Spain

Internship in Chile

Geog of Chilean Fossil Dunes

Athens on Site Arch & the City

The Modern Period II

Restoration & the 18th Century


Chaucer&His Literary Backgrnd


Sexuality in Early Medvl Europ

The Modern Period II

The Romantic Period

Restoration & the 18th Century


Economics of Film & TV

Host-Parasite Interactions

Organisms & Environments

Pol of Trans in Cen&Ea Europe

Liberation Theology


His&Theo West Christ 1500-1619

Modern Theology

Biodiversity & Resource Mngmnt

Field Study Seminar

Development & Social Change

Int'l Relations of Euro Union

Quantitative Risk

Environmental Economics

Hist of Cuban Culture

Cuban Socio Thought

NonDemocratic Regimes aft 1945

European Integration: Why&How

Conservation & Political Ecol

Race, Class & Gender

Internship in Argentina

Lat Am Social Geography

Writing:Cult & Linguistic Comp

Urban Geography

Economic Geography

Latin American History

Environmental Economy

Environmental Economy


Santa Catarina's Geography

Chinese History

20C Latin America

Chilean Foreign Policy

Zen Buddhism

History of Parliament

Medieval His in London Collect

Intro to Political Economy

Development Economics

French Language & Culture

French Religion Power &Soc

Autobiographies & Memoirs

Animal Sensory Functions

Population Biology

British History 1

Number Theory

Real Analysis

Metro&Emp:Sp, Port & Amer 1492

Livability in the Modern City

Danish Language I

Psychology of Leadership

Renewable Energy Systems

Human Rights in Africa

Environmntl Policy in Practice

Yunnan's Minorities

Intro CHNS Newspaper Readings

World's Seashores

Migration in European History

Contemporary Arab World

Politics &Lit in Latin America

Intro to Field Methodology

Globalisation & War on Terror

Transitional Justice

Negotiating Transition

Operational Rsrch Methods Crse

Creative Work in The Media Ind

Language in Literature

Language in Literature

Language, History & Society

Prob & Num Tech for Engineers

Coding & Cryptography

Diff Equations&Fourier Analys

Literature 1642-1730


Renaissance Literature

Economic Intergration I

Microeconomic Theory

Health Anthropology