The Schmidt Era 1974-1982

Human Biology & Anthropology

The City in Early Modrn Period

Austria 1740-1790

European Union Simulation

Tutorial in Chinese

Introduction to Geography

Chile Political & Social Hist

Colonial History I

Sociology of Social Movements

Hispanic-American History

Thermodynamics & Kinetics

Internship in Spain

Social Movements in Lat Amer

Latin American Social History

Lat Amer Lit&Cultural Identity

Lat Amer Lit&Cultural Identity

Discovery & Conquest America

Forestry of Native Forests

Chilean Environmental Studies

Contemp Russian Politics

French Kings from 5-17C

20C Fren Poetry & Surrealism

19-20C American Literature

Fantastic Literature

The Parvenu in 17C&18C Lit

17C & 18C French Fiction

Chinese Economy

Power & Society in China

From Lesage to Balzac

France and Africa

Medieval Art History

Renaissance Art History

Art in Post WWII

Moral Philosophy

Diversity & Affirmative Action

Study of Islam in Europe

Philosophy of Social Justice

Islamic Politics

Latin American Geography

Int'l Politics:Liberatn Agenda

Recent Argentinean History

Animals in English Lit & Art

Reality in 19&20C French Novel

The Arts in Bohemia

Chilean &Hispanic Amer Lit III

Rural & Environmental Soc

Comprehending the Holocaust

CEE Econ Growth&Developement

Contemporary Spanish History

Advanced Spanish Language II

Film & TV in Spain

Internship in Chile

Geog of Chilean Fossil Dunes

Athens on Site Arch & the City

The Modern Period II

Restoration & the 18th Century


Chaucer&His Literary Backgrnd


Sexuality in Early Medvl Europ

The Modern Period II

The Romantic Period

Restoration & the 18th Century


Economics of Film & TV

Host-Parasite Interactions

Organisms & Environments

Pol of Trans in Cen&Ea Europe

Liberation Theology


His&Theo West Christ 1500-1619

Modern Theology

Biodiversity & Resource Mngmnt

Field Study Seminar

Development & Social Change

Int'l Relations of Euro Union

Quantitative Risk

Environmental Economics

Hist of Cuban Culture

Cuban Socio Thought

NonDemocratic Regimes aft 1945

European Integration: Why&How

Conservation & Political Ecol

Race, Class & Gender

Internship in Argentina

Lat Am Social Geography

Writing:Cult & Linguistic Comp

Urban Geography

Economic Geography

Latin American History

Environmental Economy

Environmental Economy


Santa Catarina's Geography

Chinese History

20C Latin America

Chilean Foreign Policy

Zen Buddhism

History of Parliament