International Economics

Contemporary Urban Issues

Women in Politics 1900-1977

Political Theory

Economy of Culture

Indian Economy II

Independant Research Paper

Magic and the Occult

CMRS tutorial English Arch 1530-1790

CMRS tutorial Medieval Islamic Arch

FMMC 2490 M-CMRS tutorial Cinema an Society in 20th C Britain

Swedish Politics and Society

Terrorism and Anti-Terrorism

Learning in Scandinavian Classrooms

Prostitution and the Sex Trade in Europe

Gender, Equality and Sexuality in Scandinavia

Global Politics

Political Processes and Institutions in Comparative Perspective

Ethnography of Latin American Youth

International Relations in the Era of two World Wars

British Politics since 1945

Political Philosophy II Okham to Locke

Modern Political Philosophy

Management in CHina Domestic and International Dev

Comparative Growth of Asia and Africa

International Relations of East Asia

Forensic Psychology

The Culture of the European City

Edinburhj in Fiction/Fiction in Edinburgh

Place and Space in Early Modern Literature

Language Pathology

Gender Work and Consumer Culture

Life and Culture in a Totlaitarian Regime

History of Spain XV-XX C.

Experimental Archeology

AlAndalus and the Ilsamic World

Sociology of Spain

Tourism and Hotel Business in Brazil

Latin American Geography

Morfintosyntaxis Portuguese

Political Leaders Behind the Scenes

Social Entrepeneurship in Glbl Comp COntext

COntemp Art History 1860-1890

Filam Analysis

The Languages of Italian

Applied and Industrial Arts

Contemporary Art History

Psychology of Education

Identity in Internatinal Relations

Politics, Economy Society: Japan

International Relations of East Asia

Nursing for the Vital Cycle

Nursing for the Prevention and Promotion of Health

Politics of Economic Policy

Democracy and Democratization

Internationalization of Econ Growth

Applied Environmental Economics

Islamic System

COntemp Issues & Challenges of ME Economics

Christianity and Warfare

Contemporary History Subsaharn Africa I

Theories of Personality

Europe and the World

Christianity and Warfare

20th Century British History

Religion and Politics; FR secular

Labor Economics


International Relations

Political Sociology

Bristish Politics and Governemt since 1900

European Art and Architecture in 17th and 18th Centuries

Changing the News: Constructive Journalism

Economics and Public Policy

The History of Life

Adaptations to the Environment

Introduction to Psychotherapy

Positive Psychology

Psychology of Emerging Adulthood

Applied Analytic Functions

International Economics

Economics of Developing Countries

Psychology Seminar


Human Perspective on Development and the Environment

Economics of Crime

Modernism: James Joyce

Romantic Literature

The Essay: Creative Non-Fiction

American Thought and Culture

Modern Economic History

Public Economics

Networking and Concurrency

Independant Student Project: Arctic Climate Protection ISPR 3000

Independant Student Project: Arctic Climate Protection ISPR 3000

Biodiversity and Conservation in Cuba

The Gothic

Living on the Hyphen: Multi Ethnic American Literatures

Uruguayan Politics and Society

Global Society: Social Networks

CMRS Humanities Program

Intro to Comparative Politics

Scottish Politics

Government and Politics in the UNited Kingdom

Urban Politics & Development

Urban Plan/Sustainable Environ

Contemporary Urban Issues

Athens to Al Qaeda Political Theory and International Politics

Economic History

Advanced Studies in Terrorism. The American Radical Right

Non-Proliferation Policymaking and Intel. Analysis

Environmental Economics

Economics of European Integration

International Trade

Labor Economics

Practice of Politics

Political Theory Plato to Rousseau

Political Theory Bentham to Weber


Spanish Contemporary History

History of East Asia

Differential Geometry of Curves and Surfaces

Psychopathology II

Memory of Italian Colonialism

Romanticism, Modernity, Avant Garde

Literature and Cinema: French Revolution

Europe from 1814 to 1870

German Culture and Composition

Joseph Roth: Literature

Economics and Society: Social Politics

History sources of Jews in Mainz

European Social POlicy

CMRS Political Thought of the 19th Century tutorial

CMRS Slassical Political Thought tutorial

Comparative issues in food, water and energy

Society and the Environment

International Cooperation in Europe and Beyond

Social Policy and Society

Rethinking the FInancial Crisis

Psychology of Work

North/South Developement

Biologically Inspired COmputing

Econ Analysis 2

French Language I

France & Europe

Film and the Audiovisual

CMRS Tutorial (Gender and History)

Social Theory

Nursing for Promotion and Prevention

Economics of Education

Spain and Islam: From Caliphate to ISIS

Imperial China

Attention and Perception

Introductory Pharmacology and Toxicology

Political Process in India

India's Foreign Policy

Interrogating Culture

Environmental History of New Zealand

Global Marine Systems

Media, Society and Politics

Political Economy of Capitalism

Natural History of Patagonia

Introduction to Biological Field Methods

Applied Conservation Biology

Humans and the Environment

European Political Space

History: Concepts and Methods

Hobgoblin Romance & Shilling Shockers- Rise of the Litereary Gothic 1750-1830

Modernist Womens Fiction

Comparative Tropical Ecology

Environmtl Reearch Methods & Ethics

Env Hist of Chile & Lat Amer

The Short Story

The Development of the Novel

Aboriginal Sydney

Issues in US History

Totlt Regimes: Euro 1922-1945

London & Paris 1700-1850

China's Environmnt & Development

History of Art Thematic Sem

Life in the Sea

Politics Africa & Global South

European Economics

Modern World Cinemas

Film History & Historiography

Architecutral Technologies I

Group Theory

RightWing Extreme Orientations

History & Structures of GDR

Focaults Writing:Law &Politics


Historical Geography

Oxford Writing

Cooperation and Competition

Cltr, Iden&Globalism in Africa

Modern Chinese Politics

Medieval History II

Contemporary Spanish History

Revolutionary Russia:1861-1921

Quantum,Atomic & Part Physics

Modern Chinese Politics

Writing Poetry

Late Shakespeare

Gender and Performance

Crt Cltr Age of Eliz the First

Field-Focused Research Methods

Deposit Environ & Stratig

Dance in Israel Seminar

Env, Devel & Int'l Negotiation

Microeconomics 2

Intro to Onomastics

Intro to Literary Theory

Differential Eq & Math Model I


Aesthetic Judgement

Study of Wrks of Hannah Arendt

Pol Repesntatn &Soc Inequality

Pol Repesntatn &Soc Inequality

State of Excptn/State of Emgcy

Theories of Int'l Relations

Religion & Politics:FR Secular

Everyday Life & Cultural Pract

Manipulation Language/Media

Biodiversity & Nat Rsrce Mgmt

The Psychology of Terrorism

Intro to Biotechnology

Vegetal & Animal Physiology

Contemp Latin American History

Uruguayan Politics & Society

Behavioral Pharmacology

International Economics

Principles of American Studies

Principles of American Studies

Danish Language & Culture I

Econometrics I

Moscow:Russian Culture & Hist

Controversies:Pol. Philosophy

The European Union

Uruguayan Society

Theory: Social Stratification

European Art of the 20th Cent

Theory: Organizations &Markets

Theory: Organizations &Markets

History of Economic Thought

Numerical Methods

Public Health I

Peruvian Social Reality

Peruvian Social Reality

Andean Archeology

Ethical Theory

Modern Algebra

Financial Economics

State, Power, Crime

International Terrorism

Political Players & Behavior

Contemporary Spanish Cinema

Writing the New Nation

Contemporary European Cinema

Performance in Medieval Culture

London Literature 1380-1450

Studying the Greek World

History of Modern Architecture

Software Application Develpmen

Economic Geography

Arts, Identities & Urban Cultl

Danish Language I

German For Policy Comparison

Economic System of Germany

Popular Fiction

Hollywood Film:Ind, Tech, Aest

Game Devlpmnt:Programming&Prac

Artificial Intelligence

Contemporary Issues

Sociology of Development

Sociology of Education

Indian Classical Literature

Feminism in Indian Politics

Indian Political Thought II

HR Management Psychology

Adv Molecular Bio&Bioinformati

European Clinical Psychology

Behavioural Economics

Statistical Methods

Economics of Development

Chinese Cinemas

Equal/Diff in School &Instruct

Env Hist of Chile & Lat Amer

Uruguayan Foreign Policy

Contemp Latin American History

Fundamentals of Petroleum Geol

Labour Economics

European Clinical Psychology

Politics & Society in Lat Amer

Latin American Literature

Shkspr: Comedies&Tragicomedies

Arc Ecosys&Adap Spec Arc Env

Pol Sci Upper Level Elective (Religion and Society)

International Political Econ

Competence in Idiomatic Span

Europeanization In &Out Europe

History of Education

Writing:Cult & Linguistic Comp

Pre-Columbian America

Issues about Drug Consumption

Argentinean Social History

Foundations of Western Culture

Islam, Media & Conflict

Scriptwriting I

Economic Envn of Agriculture

Introductory Logic

Australian Political Party Sys

Intro Moral, Soc & Pol Phil

Researching Cultural Experienc

Princ of Exp & Behav Econ

Lit Tendencies in Contemp Cult

History of the First World War

Methods: Economics

Economic Systems

Intro to Economic Thought(19C)

Introduction to Philosophy

Psychology & Narrating 1900

Art & Religion in Africa

War and Environment

Dyn Erth: New Zeal Perspective

Social Geography

Differential Equations

Intro to Clinical Neuropsych

Social Psyc & Intergrp Relatio

Devt Approaches & Justice

Shaping Sustainable Social Chn

Cog Neuroscience of Conscious

Behavioral Economics

The European Game of Politics

Health Beyond Borders

Health Beyond Borders

Hsng Mrkt in Cen Euro Cont

CEE Econ Grwth & Development

Health Economics

Econ & Soc Chng in Post-War Eu

History, Memory, Democracy

Comm Health Research Methods

Pub Hlth From Bio to Policy

Globalization & Health

Health, Culture & Community

Field Studies & NZ Geol

Field Studies & NZ Geol

Danish Design

M-CMRS Tutorial (Theories of Personaility)

Cathedrals, Cloisters,Churches

M-CMRS Tutorial (Chaucer to Milton)

Independent Research Paper

M-CMRS Tutorial (Anglo-Saxon England)

M-CMRS Tutorial (Islamic History)

Independent Research Paper

M-CMRS Tutorial (Jane Austin)


M-CMRS Tutorial (Shakespeare II)

Classical Tibetan II (Tibetan Language)

Buddhist Phil &Hermeneutics II

Madhyamaka Thought

Buddhist Phil & Hermeneutics I

Fundamentals of Buddhist Phil

Pst-Col Ste, Cris Gov&Politics

Sri Lankan Studies Seminar

Sinhala Language II

Sinhala Language I

Fundamentals of Comp Politics

Architecture Workshop

Uruguayan Politics & Society

Uruguayan Politics & Society

Uruguayan Politics & Economy

Anthropology of Health

Psychology of Organizations

Competence in Idiomatic Span

Current Spanish Literature

20C Spanish Literature

Ancient History in Spain

Spanish Geography

Brazilian Society & Africa

Greek Literature & Culture I

The German Parliament

German Foreign Policy Comp

Soc Policy &State of Wellbeing

Water, Ecosystem and Society

Anarchy as Everyday Life

Social Psychology

Addiction and the Brain

Pre-Columbian America

Chilean Visual Arts

Territory and Power

Critical Geographies

Russian Folklore Oral Traditn

Contemp Issues in China

Anthropology of Health

Geopolitics & Globalization

Clinical Psychology

Developmental Psychology

Intro to Medumba Language

Intro Cameroon Cult:Lang,Lit

History of Jewish Mysticism

Palestinians: Mod Hist & Soc

Fundamentals of Ed Research

Descriptive Stats in Education

Vio,Idn,&Pol Mdn Ea&NrthE Afr

Contemporary African Lit

Tutorial in Chinese

Ecological Restoration

Fragile Democracies:Dvlp LA&SP

Lat Amer Religion & Politics

Contemporary History

Narrative Culture Change Media

Hannah Arendt

Germany in the 20C

Politics of Public Protection

Architecture Foundation Studio

Pol of Mny&Fin Cmp Pers

Quant Mthds (Statistics)

Econ in Public Policy

Creative Writing-Stories

Long 18th Century Poetry

Readings onLaw in Class Athens

Population Geography

Psychology in Public Health

Introduction to Public Policy

Latin Amer Hist Lit & Culture

Intermediate Greek

Ancient City: Pol/Soc/Cul

History of Education

Internship - Italy

Early Ital Lit to 16th Century

Late 18C-Early 19C Music Hist

Internship in Germany

The Rhine- History in a River

WWI at Other Fronts

The European Union

Written Argumentation

History of the First World War

Study of the French Novel

Migration & Globalization

Gender & the Social Sciences

Superior Spanish Syntax

History of Near East & Egypt

Fragile Democracies:Dvlp LA&SP

Tutorial in Chinese

Power & Development in Brazil

Soc-Econ His African Societies

History of Economic Theory

Educational Psychology

Calculus of Several Variables

Real Analysis

Nuclear Politics&Proliferation

Sport&Society in Mod Ireland

The US and the Vietnam Wars

Cltr & Ideology in 19C Europe

Lit & Cltr of Ireland thr Time

Quant Econ & Econometrics

European Economic Models

Financial Economics

Econ of Developing Countries

Literature in Eng 1830-1910

Myth and Literature


Literary Theory

Early Med Literature 650-1350

Lit in Eng 1910 to Present Day

English Literature 1550-1660

British History since 1801

European Culture & Society

Labour Economics

Capital Markets 1

Algebra & Algebra II

Numerical Analysis

Complex Analy & Metric Spaces

Issues in Turkish Foreign Poli

Duke in Istanbul

Education and Diversity

Hindi - Beginner I

Beginning Hindi I

Comp Ecol & Conserv Seminar 2

Euro-Am Relations in 21 Cen

European Integration: Why&How

Psychoanalysis & Cltr Studies

Intermediate Macreconomics

Behav & Cogn Neuroscience

Perceptual Systems

Novel&the Collapse of Humanism

Coll: Building Peace

First Amendment Values

Holocaust and Genocide

Cognitive Psychology

Soviet & Russ Forgn Policy

Auth Barr to Delpmnt & Demcrcy


Applied Biochem of Protiens

Data Mining Part 1 & 2

Mobile Software Development

The Gothic Gaze

Literature and Society

Shakespeare, I

History of Science