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Emily%20BartelsWhy Bread Loaf? This summer I attended a rehearsal of Hamlet—a play I’ve taught, read, pondered, seen over a hundred times.

Stephen Berenson, as Polonius, was about to launch into the proverb-encrusted (some might say tedious) “neither a borrower nor a lender be” bit to Laertes, who was on his way out of town. But Stephen stopped in his tracks. “Why,” he asked, “since I’ve already bid goodbye to Laertes, would I start giving him all this advice now? I need a reason, a prompt, a gesture.” Stephen experimented; Brian McEleney (the director) encouraged. In the end, Polonius pulls out a wallet, dangles money in front of Laertes, and produces the speech as a power play of a father lording purse strings over his wayward son. Now I see the rupture, curiousness, and edginess of a scene I’ve known too well to know too well. One rehearsal. One instance. One answer to the Bread Loaf “why”: transformation.

Emily C. Bartels
Director, BLSE



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