From the Director: BLTN Administrative Changes

The Bread Loaf Teacher Network (BLTN) will begin a new era in January 2017: Beverly Moss, associate professor of English at Ohio State University and longtime member of the Bread Loaf faculty, will take the lead as our BLTN director. Her Bread Loaf courses “Writing for Publication” and “Teachers Writing about Teaching” have been a core for BLTN teacher-research; “Literacy, Race, and Class” and “Memory in African American Public and Literary Discourse” were among the first to connect Bread Loaf training in literacy to issues of race and class. Since 2013, Beverly has been an inspired coordinator of the Ken Macrorie Writing Centers across the Bread Loaf campuses, and in 2016 she served as BLTN’s first associate director.

Author of A Community Text Arises: A Literate Text and a Literacy Tradition in African-American Churches (2003), Beverly has been on the forefront of discussions of literature and literacy. “Researching and building on the literacies that our students bring into the classroom,” she comments, “provide an opportunity to build bridges between academic and community literacies and to value the sophisticated literacy identities that exist in community spaces. Social change can only take place when we value the multiple ways of knowing and doing, including multiple literacies, and rhetorical identities, that emerge from culturally relevant pedagogies.”

Working alongside Beverly as BLTN associate director will be Ceci Lewis, MA ’99. Ceci earned her PhD from the University of Arizona in 2016 and is a faculty member in the Cochise Community College English Department, which she now chairs. Since 1996, Ceci has immersed herself in BLTN as an enthusiastic member, leader, and Advisory Board member, serving as codirector of the Andover Bread Loaf Writing Workshop and of a BLTN youth-leadership project on the Navajo Nation. Ceci brings to Bread Loaf decades of experience as an award-winning public school teacher and a scholar of Mexican American studies.

Dixie Goswami, cofounder and director of BLTN from 1991 to 2016, will serve as the coordinator of special BLTN partnerships, helping to ground the network’s evolving vision in its long history of innovation and success. Professor emerita at Clemson University and a Bread Loaf faculty member since 1979, Dixie has brought the network into national and international prominence as a crucial resource for teachers, using Bread Loaf training to effect and inspire student-centered educational change. As coordinator, Dixie will build on and expand BLTN’s signature work of developing key projects and networks that link education and youth leadership.

The Bread Loaf Teacher Network is one of Bread Loaf’s most remarkable resources, engaging K–12 teachers and their students in the kinds of inquiry fostered in Bread Loaf classrooms. I cannot imagine a better team to head BLTN’s pioneering work in the years ahead: separately and together, Beverly, Ceci, and Dixie bring diverse experiences, incomparable dedication, and exceptional vision to the job.

Emily C. Bartels
Director, BLSE