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img_emilybartels_fall14One feature that distinguishes Bread Loaf from all other graduate programs is its selection of three unique sites in which to study: the Bread Loaf campus of Vermont; Lincoln College, Oxford; and St. John’s College in Santa Fe, New Mexico.

At each of these locales, faculty draw on the distinctive environment and model ways of contexualizing the study of literature and language locally, with an eye to the relation of perspective to place. These campuses also provide a way to step out of our “knowns” and to engage with what is unfamiliar—the very process that literature demands as we scrutinize its contours. When I flew into Albuquerque for my very first time, en route to a Shakespeare conference, the cab driver told me that folk who come to the area either never return or come back within six months. Bread Loaf Santa Fe brought me back within six months, and I am delighted to be returning this summer, to celebrate 25 years of learning and engagement there, in a site defined especially by Native American and Southwestern cultures.

Emily C. Bartels
Director, BLSE


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Bread Loaf in the Land of Enchantment

Since 1991, Bread Loafers have traveled to New Mexico—known as the Land of Enchantment—to experience the exhilaration of courses and conversations within the context of the unique allure and culture of the American Southwest. 

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Meet some of the new faculty voices and faces who will join us on our campuses this summer. 

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News and announcements from the Bread Loaf community, including the 2015 Drew Lecture speaker and this summer’s Bread Loaf/Vermont theater performance. 


Did You Know?

In its initial incarnations, Bread Loaf/New Mexico’s newspaper took its bearings from Vermont’s longstanding the Crumb, adopting such titles as the Migajita of a Crumb, Migauela of a Crumb, and Migajadillita of a Crumb