From the History Files

DocImage000000071.jpgIn its initial incarnations, Bread Loaf/New Mexico’s newspaper took its bearings from Vermont’s longstanding Crumb, adopting such titles as the “Migajita of a Crumb,” “Migauela of a Crumb,” and “Migajadillita of a Crumb.” In its inaugural summer, this intelligencer:

  • directed students interested in Bread Loaf’s first-ever cultural walk/cantina crawl to meet at the Mañana Bar at the corners of Alameda and Don Gaspar.
  • invited students to Pulitzer-Prize-winning faculty member N. Scott Momaday’s lecture on “Death in a Museum” in the Great Hall.
  • announced that the “greatest salsa dance in the history of Bread Loaf/New Mexico” would feature the Andean-Mexican tunes of the band Cuicuna
  • organized “Blue Parlor West” readings
  • promised a live BreadNet demonstration for those interested in corresponding electronically
  • offered Bread Loafers “the time of their lives at Casa Lujan” for “Mrs. Lujan’s A-One, Outta This World, Are You Kidding Me? This Is The Best I Ever Had Chile, Can I Have Some More Water? Ice Water, Toe-Curlin’, Foot-Stompin’ chile”