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Grants Support Digital Workshops at U.S. Campuses

As part of the Arthur Vining Davis Foundations grant supporting Bread Loaf’s efforts to expand the work and reach of BLTN, leading experts on digital literacy will offer workshops at each of the U.S. campuses this summer. The initiative brings insight, guidance, and advice to teachers at a time of rapid change in approaches to the teaching of literacy and communication.

At Bread Loaf/Asheville, Valerie Kinloch, associate professor of literacy studies at Ohio State University, will present a workshop on collaborative-action literacy research with youth; at Bread Loaf/Vermont Jason Irizarry, associate professor of multicultural education in the Neag School of Education at the University of Connecticut, will offer a workshop on participatory-action research with youth.

At Bread Loaf/Santa Fe, Cindy and Richard Selfe, both of Ohio State University, will focus their workshop on community-based digital and literacy narratives.

Summer 2013 Speakers and Lecturers

Bread Loaf/Vermont      
Author Castle Freeman                                              
Author and activist Bill McKibben
Poet Martín Espada
S. Craig Watkins, Associate Professor of Radio, Television, and Film, University of Texas at Austin
Jason Irizarry, Professor of Multicultural Education, University of Connecticut
U.S. Poet Laureate Natasha Tretheway (for the 2013 Elizabeth Drew Lecturer)
Claudia Johnson, Murray Professor of English Literature, Princeton University

Bread Loaf/Oxford    
Tiffany Stern, Professor of Early Modern Drama, University College, Oxford
Poet Jenny Lewis
Royal Shakespeare Company Q&A with personnel

Bread Loaf/Asheville       
Writer Rick Chess, Roy Carroll Professor of Honors Arts and Sciences and Professor of Literature and Language, University of North Carolina at Asheville
Valerie Kinloch, Associate Professor of Literacy Studies, Ohio State University

Bread Loaf/Santa Fe       
Writer Simon Ortiz
Michael Katz, C.V. Starr Professor Emeritus of Russian and East European Studies, Middlebury College
Photographer Lee Marmon
Cindy Selfe, Humanities Distinguished Professor of English at Ohio State University and Richard Selfe, Director of the Ohio State University Center for the Study and Teaching of Writing and Technology
Pamela Childers, NCTE consultant and former Caldwell Chair of Composition at the McCallie School

Upcoming Bread Loaf Journal of Student Writing

What do Blue Parlor, Glass House, Deep Hall, and Blue Sky have in common?

All are venues for Bread Loaf student readings in Vermont, Asheville, Oxford, and Santa Fe. To pick upand extend the remarkable creative energies that these events capture, Bread Loaf is inaugurating a new journalof student writing. Bread Loaf/Vermont Blue Parlor leaders John Oliver and Simon Brown will be serving as the first editors in summer 2013.

Details for submissions will be shared during the summer sessions.

New Bread Loaf Video

For a reminder of why we all love Bread Loaf, see our latest video, produced by internationally acclaimed videographer Bridget Besaw.

View the video on our main page: www.middlebury.edu/blse/

Celebrating 35 Years of Theater with Alan MacVey

A February posting on Bread Loaf’s Facebook page asked friends to share their favorite Bread Loaf theater productions. More than a thousand people viewed the post, and the responses that poured in revealed our community’s tremendous enthusiasm and support for the theater program.

This summer, the Bread Loaf Acting Ensemble marks its 27th anniversary with a production of Our Town. And Bread Loaf celebrates the man behind the ensemble and the program who has so deeply affected students, faculty, and staff alike: Alan MacVey. As founder of the Acting Ensemble and director of the Theater Program since 1978, MacVey has shaped Bread Loaf’s extraordinary engagement with theater for 35 years. From his first production of William Hauptman’s Heat in 1978, MacVey has been known for placing his own unique stamp on productions that have ranged from an ambitious reading of the Henriad to one of MacVey’s personal favorites, the presentation of a new play, Thirty-Six Views by Naomi IIzuka, in 2000. On opening night, the power went out and the performance was presented entirely by candlelight, with MacVey improvising a musical score on the piano.

If you’d like to make a gift to Bread Loaf in honor of Alan, please visit www.go.middlebury.edu/GiveBLSE.