Did You Know?



“If you spend 30 summers ‘with Frost,’ you feel like you know him,” Brent Goeres reflected on his years at Bread Loaf, in a place that inspired so many of Frost’s poems. After earning his MA from Bread Loaf in 1977, Goeres returned every summer as a research librarian at Davison. He is remembered for his unfailingly dry and sardonic wit and the pink flamingoes he planted in the front yard of his cottage one summer. Over the years, Brent spread his own deep love of Bread Loaf to others, through his creation of the Brent Goeres Scholarship Fund in 1996. An English instructor at Grays Harbor College in Aberdeen, Washington, he also published two collections of his own poetry, Light Rooms, Dark Rooms and Greenwood Seasons. Upon his death in 2003, shortly after completing his 28th summer at Bread Loaf, Goeres left a portion of his estate to Bread Loaf to support the Davison Library.