2013 Hazel Haseltine Adkins Scholarship Recipient Nathan Gleiner

<p>Nathan Gleiner '13 upon graduation at the Bread Loaf/North Carolina campus last summer.</p>

“No one pursues a teaching career for monetary gain,” 2013 Bread Loaf graduate Nathan Gleiner maintains.

Middlebury’s financial aid and named scholarship program allowed Gleiner to realize his life-long ambition of earning his master’s degree. But the significance of the recognition associated with a named scholarship went beyond the purely financial for Gleiner. “It allowed me to feel connected to the rich history of Bread Loaf and to feel that the work I did each summer carried on a tradition of scholarship and pedagogy,” he says.

During his twelve years at an independent PK-12 school in Cincinnati, Nathan Gleiner has managed to teach at every grade level. Currently, he teaches an honors sophomore survey of British literature and a senior course of his own design focusing on personal narratives in one semester and literature and social justice in the other. “The faculty with whom I worked in my courses served as models when I returned to my teaching,” Gleiner acknowledges. “Bread Loaf offers an unparalleled opportunity to learn from and work with faculty of the highest caliber, and I think often of how each of my professors might approach a lesson or structure a discussion.”

Gleiner is grateful for the immeasurable impact Bread Loaf has made on his teaching, and for the financial aid that made it possible for him to spend five summers, as he puts it, “immersing [himself] in a world apart from the everyday.”